Increased Member Retention Made Easy

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Monday, 26 October 2015

IHRSA statistics and countless anecdotal evidence demonstrate that members who actually use their membership will stay with your gym much longer. The IHRSA retention report suggests members who visit more than 100 times per year will stay and pay for 18 more months than members who visit less than 50 times per year. These statistics mean that your staff should work to keep members visiting the gym at least 8 times each month.

So how do you as a HIIT gym reach out to the low and regular usage members and boost their gym visits to more than 8 each month? You guessed it, MYZONE.

Our Deployment Playbook is the manual each club receives upon purchase of the MYZONE group fitness heart rate monitoring system. The manual walks operators through group challenge’s, status ranking, rewards, best practices, and goal setting tools to assist in changing the behavior of their members. The Playbook and other tools we give our partners to ensure successful implementation of the MYZONE system have been proven to bring added member retention success to clubs around the world.

Studies have shown that MYZONE will improve the average members attendance by 25%, and the low user by 175% (that means your low users are jumping from 4 visits to 11 visits per month!). And studies done by an industry body show that retention of established MYZONE users jumps from 65% to 77%. We give you eMarketing tools as well as in-club promotional materials so that you are equipped with all the information and support you need to implement MYZONE successfully. Increased member retention is only a click away.

Ready to retain your HIIT members with MYZONE?

HIIT clubs can get started with their own exercise tracking ecosystem for an investment as small as $900. Talk with a customer service agent to find out more.

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