From surviving a marathon heart attack to saving the lives of others

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Thursday, 8 February 2024

Richard Moore suffered a massive heart attack while running the Blackpool marathon in 2022.

He’d been running for three hours before the attack started. Thinking it was some kind of stitch, Richard continued to run before collapsing. Read his incredible story and discover how Myzone’s been helping his recovery.

When something just doesn’t feel right

“During my marathon I first realised something was wrong as I was in the middle of running,” explains Richard. “I thought it was a stitch in my chest. I tried to run through it, but turns out you can’t run through a heart attack!


“I was trying to get a marathon time of under four hours, and I was on track until the last 10k. I had to slow right down. I hit the floor and my wife heard my Myzone belt beep, meaning it wasn’t picking up a reading… My heart had stopped.”

What did the doctors and medical professionals say?

“I was told it was a blockage of an artery had caused the heart attack that lead to sudden cardiac arrest. It was either a clot that had broken free of formed, they couldn’t tell me for definite. One in 1000 chance of it happening, apparently.

“Now, my physical health is great. However, my mental health has taken somewhat of a beating so I’ve been getting help with that, and I don’t fancy running a marathon just yet…

"I did take part in a 10k run to raise money for charity, though, in a full wedding dress complete with wedding party. That was fun.

Richard Moore running a 10k in full wedding dress, raising money for Southport Saviours charity

“Myzone has boosted my confidence as a visual of what’s happening inside me. Being able to see my heart recovery rate on screen is a great advantage.”

Setting up a charity to help other people’s heart health

“Since the attack, I’ve helped set up a charity with the aim to increase accessible defibrillators and first aid training within communities. It’s called Southport Saviours, and it’s going really well.

"We have installed and restored 10 locations in Southport in under a year. We’re now having a big push on first aid training, getting people confident enough to start the chain of survival.

“For anyone else, I highly recommend Myzone to track and have a guide to refer back to see your heart’s overall health and recovery rate.

“The physio had his own heart rate monitor that I had to wear during my beep test, it was older than me! I showed him the Myzone app, he was impressed and said would be looking into them.

“Overall takeaway would be to always listen to your body, look at the zones you’re hitting, and take notes of recovery time. Be safe!”

For more information on the Southport Saviours charity, or to donate, visit

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