The difference between MZ-1 & MZ-3



What is Myzone MZ-1 & MZ-3?


MZ-1 is a feature product of Myzone that delivers heart rate-based effort tracking. The MZ-1 can be used inside a club and is ideal for Boutique and/or functional class/club only operators. The MZ-1 has been specifically designed with the class goer in mind. 

The MZ-1 works inside a Myzone enabled club as well as with the Myzone app. The belt also talks to 3rd party apps.


MZ-3 is an award-winning physical activity belt of the Myzone product range. The MZ-3 allows users to view their physical activity data on their smartphone via bluetooth or on-screen at a Myzone enabled club using ANT+ technology.

The MZ-3 also allows users to store up to 16 hours of workout data. This means users can exercise outside a club or away from the Myzone app and the MZ-3 will continue to store workout data.

The MZ-3 also connects to 3rd party apps including the Myzone app.

Which belt suits you the best?

Both Myzone belts have their own purpose. Below we have mapped out a table to further explain the difference in feature set and application in each.

Myzone Protocol YES YES Speaks to Myzone display in class
Bluetooth YES YES Speaks to Smart Phone + 3rd Party Apps
Analogue Chip YES NO Speaks to certain cardio pieces on the gym floor
ANT+ Chip YES NO Speaks to certain cardio pieces on gym floor and many bike computers the gym floor
Memory YES NO 16 hours memory for when user is not in the club nor has smartphone within 10 feet
Warranty Module 1 YEAR 1 YEAR  
Warranty Strap 90 DAYS 90 DAYS  
Water Proof YES NO Waterproof up to 10 meters * Please note we cannot guarantee belt accuracy during swimming
Washable (Strap only) YES YES Strap only is machine washable excludes module
Sweatproof YES YES  



Member application of MZ-1 & MZ-3

MZ-1 is best applied when,
• Users work out only in a club environment or outside and always have a smartphone with them during exercise.
• Users are seeking a cost effective alternative to keep track of their workouts.
• The club operator wants to build value in paid programming by offering a wearable product bundled into the total package.

MZ-3 is best applied when the members,
• Users work out in a large club and move between rooms, requiring memory to conveniently capture every heart beat.
• User plays sports or runs outside without carrying smartphone with them. This user requires memory to track his/her efforts.