Myzone push for legislation to drive a more active America

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Wednesday, 26 June 2024

In the US, Myzone continues to support the work of the Health and Fitness Association (HFA), formerly IHRSA, and partner with the Physical Activity Alliance (PAA) to engage with lawmakers and policy influencers at the highest level of government, advocating for the value physical activity can deliver to population health and fiscal wealth.

In May, Myzone’s Mike Leveque, CEO for the Americas and Ben Hitchcock, Chief Marketing Officer, joined 120 other fitness industry pioneers on Capitol Hill, Washington to take part in the inaugural Health & Fitness Association’s ‘Fly-In’ and Advocacy Summit.

The event provided an opportunity to meet face to face with members of Congress and their staff to build support for the Personal Health Investment Today (PHIT) Act.

If passed, the PHIT Act will make physical activity more affordable allowing Americans to spend their pre-tax dollars on healthy living activities like gym memberships and fitness equipment.

Health and wellness outcomes on Capitol Hill

“The event offered an incredible and unique opportunity to meet with lawmakers face to face and hammer home the health and economic impact a more active nation could deliver,” says Ben.

“On behalf of the PAA, Myzone also led a workout encouraging members of Congress and their teams to get involved and experience firsthand the benefits our sector can deliver in terms of supporting and motivating people to get active in a safe environment that drives a wide array of mental and physical health outcomes.”

Congressional Physical Activity Challenge

Running alongside the ‘Fly-In’ and Advocacy Summit, in May was the PAA’s fourth annual Congressional Physical Activity Challenge. Supported by Myzone, the challenge saw Members of Congress and their staff log as many Myzone Effort Points (MEPS) as possible across a four-week period, encouraging them to more active and enabling them to experience firsthand the mental and physical benefits this delivers.

“It’s incredibly important that we provide opportunities for political influencers to understand and personally buy-into the health benefits an active lifestyle delivers, continues Ben. “This is exactly that this challenge has been designed to deliver.

“Through Myzone’s unique technology that logs and tracks effort rather than performance, all levels of fitness and ability can compete on a level playing field. This encourages more participation and giving everyone a shot at the title. The hope is that, through person experience, participants deepen there understanding of the benefits exercise delivers and use this knowledge to influence policy and ultimately inspiring more of the US population to get active.

“Physical inactivity remains a serious public health issue in the US, contributing to rising rates of many conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, hypertension and various cancers. The nation is also facing a mental health crisis, with suicide rates hitting a record high in 2022, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“As the nation’s largest coalition dedicated to promoting regular physical activity, the PAA, advocates for policies and system changes that empower everyone to lead active lives. Both the PAA and Myzone commend all of this year’s participants for their efforts and commitment to promoting a healthier lifestyle.”

The Challenge results for 2024

The 2024 Congressional Challenge `results were as follows:

Highest average MEPs

  1. Cynthia M. Lummis – 10,255 MEPs
  2. Mike Johnson – 10,188 MEPs
  3. Becca Balint – 7,655 MEPs

Highest total MEPs

  1. Cynthia M. Lummis – 194,844 MEPs
  2. Oversight Committee – 154,049 MEPs
  3. Mike Braun – 116,150 MEPs

Staff achieving WHO target

  1. Oversight Committee – 21 staff members
  2. Mike Braun – 20 staff members
  3. Cynthia M. Lummis – 19 staff members

Top individual participants

  1. Theresa Young – 39,595 MEPs
  2. Marcus Brubaker – 25,425 MEPs
  3. Mark Marin – 21,733 MEPs
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