Fit For Office Australia sparks two Million Moves

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Wednesday, 26 June 2024

Fit For Office is an AusActive initiative designed to give lawmakers and their staff a first-hand experience of the health and wellbeing benefits regular physical activity can deliver.

In a four-week challenge, run across September and October 2023, Federal MPs and their teams were encouraged to rack up as many Myzone Effort Points as possible in order to get as high up the national leaderboard as possible.

Overall, 170 politicians and their teams took part, all setting an example to communities across Australia and reiterating the importance of being active.

Fit For Office campaign by the numbers

The initiative was a huge success. During the four-week challenge, competitors accrued a total of 395,835 MEPs, burned 2,021,867 calories, and completed 3807 workouts.

We would like to extend our congratulations to all the winners

Top MP MEP earners

  • Dr Andrew Leigh MP
  • Angus Taylor MP
  • Dr Helen Haines MP

Top office achievers

  • Top Office MEP Earner and Lead Male Political Office staffer, Scott Burgess – (Angie Bell MP Office)
  • Top Office MEP Average- with 4 or more office participants, Angie Bell, MP
  • Top Office Highest Total MEPs, Dr Helen Haines MP
  • Lead Female Political Office staffer, Camelia – (Dr Helen Haines MP Office)

Million Moves doubles its title goal

Following on from the success of the Fit For Office challenge, Myzone was also delighted to get involved in the delivery of ‘Million Moves’ a spin-off campaign designed to engage directly with the Australian population.

The brainchild of Andrew Fisher MP the challenge was managed by AusActive and promoted to all Australians living on the Sunshine Coast under the electorate of Fisher, Fairfax, Wide Bay and Longman.

The target was for participants to complete 75 moves or Myzone MEPs every day for 21 days, totalling more than a ‘million moves’ tracked and recorded by wearable technology provided by Myzone.

With the initiative being promoted and endorsed by local MPs including Andrew Wallace, Ted O’Brien, Llew O’Brien and Terry Young alongside well known Australian fitness ambassadors including Kayla Itsines and Guy Leech, more than 1300 children and adults squatted and jumped, stepped and pedaled their way to complete over two million moves in just three weeks.

“The initiative has been a huge success,” says Myzone's Emmett Williams. “Unfortunately, like the rest of the developed world, Australia is in the middle of an inactivity crisis. 75% of Australian adults are not meeting the World Health Organization’s guidelines for physical activity. This is having a detrimental impact on population health and productivity.

“Through initiatives like this, Myzone is introducing more and more people to movement, using the accrual of effort points as a motivating tool to drive and maintain regular activity. We are now pioneering an opportunity to expand the Million Moves challenge beyond the Sunshine Coast, to the rest of Australia.”

Million Move engagement

  • 2 million moves completed.
  • 1317 members of the Sunshine Coast community pledged their commitment to move.
  • 43 AusActive businesses got involved.
  • 97 teams were created.
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