Driving retention and customer satisfaction during lockdown

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Monday, 15 June 2020

The outdoor fitness specialist, Be Military Fit with Bear Grylls (BMF), normally operates its military-themed sessions from 80 parks across the UK via a franchise model. It has retained 82 per cent of active members and attracted new memberships during lockdown, thanks to its BMF at Home platform and a new partnership with Myzone. We talk to Tommy Matthews, Business Development Director at BMF.


Our new partnership has enhanced the BMF at Home experience

When we bought into the business in March 2018, we always planned to introduce technology into the programme to give members more motivation and purpose. We launched BMF at Home at the start of the coronavirus lockdown to offer our 6,000+ members a programme of live-streamed and on-demand workouts. The two-way interactive workouts bring the BMF instructor and other BMF participants live to the user’s home, allowing members to enjoy a personalised BMF experience that is as close to the in-parks sessions as possible.

Lockdown was the ideal time to roll out Myzone

We had successfully trialled Myzone at several of our locations before the pandemic struck and saw lockdown as the perfect opportunity to roll the technology out to our members. Myzone gives our members real-time feedback on their heart-rate and calories, and therefore instant gratification, while allowing our instructors to coach by intensity. BMF & Myzone

Myzone has allowed our members to stay connected during the crisis

There is a very strong sense of community among our members, which we actively promote with our monthly challenges where members compete against one another across the UK. Myzone has really driven that engagement during lockdown on the BMF at Home platform. I don’t think any other fitness chain enjoys the same level of engagement between locations that we do at BMF.

Our customer satisfaction rates are higher than before lockdown

Such has been the success of BMF at Home and our partnership with Myzone, that customer satisfaction among our members is higher now than before lockdown as measured by the Net Promoter Score. It currently stands at 72.BMF_Battersea_September2019We want all franchisees using Myzone by the end of the year

Our partnership with Myzone motivates members and rewards them for the effort they put into our sessions, while driving community engagement which is so fundamental to the BMF concept. Our aim is to have all franchises using the technology by the end of the year and 90 per cent of members using MZ-3 belts. Judging by the success that we have enjoyed during the COVID-19 crisis, I’m confident that we will achieve this goal.

BMF & Myzone 2

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