Host and share your gym class workouts for anyone, with MZ-Club

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Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Your class experience just got scalable. Offer gym classes and training opportunities, with your fitness professionals, so anyone can work out with you, anywhere they like.  

Broadcast your classes to the world through the Myzone app, with MZ-Club, part of Myzone Premium. Allow your `at home’ members or potential new club members to exercise with you, no matter where they are located.

Retain those members who travel or “don’t have the time” to come to your facility. Take your facility to them with MZ-Club.

Why choose MZ-Club?

Offer more for every member, wherever they want to work out. For the operator, it’s easy to deploy and reaps the biggest engagement levels when embraced, promoted as part of any class schedule.

Workouts and effort graphs displayed in the Myzone app

With the option to schedule and host your own classes and your own pre-recorded classes, your members can leverage meaningful talking points and engaging motivation opportunities to offer a genuine sense of bespoke appeal that keeps participants coming back.

What is MZ-Club?

Through Myzone Premium, using MZ-Club allows any gym operator to broadcast their own live and pre-recorded content using the booking diary, with the ability to add pre-recorded content to the MZ-On Demand section of the app*.

Who is MZ-Club for?

Operators and fitness professionals

  • Host your own live and on-demand schedule, adding value to your virtual fitness offering and providing an experience of community and accountability to every class.
  • Expand every class for members, so now there’s no such thing as “fully booked.” With MZ-Club, members can join your class in the room, elsewhere in your gym, at home or outside. Your studio just got bigger.
  • Tie-in with MZ-On Demand and MZ-Together to schedule a full timetable of 100+ classes every week, from Myzone and your own trainers* (at an extra cost).

Members/Individual Myzone movers

  • Work out anywhere and never train alone, with the full class experience, however you want to move.
  • Be part of a group of passionate people holding each other accountable and pushing for the same heart rate zones together, no matter whether you want to run, cycle, burpee or box.
  • All you need is a Myzone heart rate monitor and a smartphone with the Myzone app.

Other opportunities for training

  • MZ-Club is a powerful group training tool, but it’s not all about the classes. The platform can also be used as a one-to-one PT function to deliver insight and education for any kind of activity, including professional sports teams

    In the same way, Club classes have been used by professionals in other industries, too, such as health frontline healthcare staff working with surgery rehab patients, and other areas of the public and private sector.

MZ-Club is part of Myzone Premium, the complete tech package for community experiences in and out of the gym, including MZ-Together, MZ-On Demand, and MZ-Maps.

*requires Vimeo Pro and Zoom Pro.

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