FitFighter adopts Myzone to help more people move strong

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Thursday, 4 August 2022

Myzone and FitFighter are set to elevate every day performance, in a partnership perfect for anyone that wants to get and stay fit.

Gym class working out with FitFighter Steelhose

Combining the most versatile strength training solution, aka the FitFighter Steelhose, with the world’s most accurate heart rate monitor that can be worn three ways, athletes and amateurs alike can improve how they move, with innovative products and effective strength training.

Truly see the impact of moving with weight

Bringing regular challenges, post-workout emails and a branded app to the FitFighter community, Myzone will reward everyone’s effort, motivating more people to move strong.

“Myzone was designed to work with a product like FitFighter – it provides individuals with the ability to truly see the impact of moving with weight,” says Terry Woods, VP sales for Myzone Americas.

“With our innovative MZ-Switch technology, anyone can wear the Switch in the most comfortable fashion while working out with the FitFighter Steelhose.”

Helping people of all fitness levels move stronger

Members of the FitFighter community will have the ability to purchase an MZ-Switch heart rate monitor and start earning MEPs with their friends and fitness family through the FitFighter Training System.

“FitFighter is maniacally focused on helping people of all fitness levels move stronger,” explains Jarod Cogswell, FitFighter’s VP of sales and marketing.

“It’s important for all of us to measure and track our training progress for optimal daily performance, which is why we are excited to partner with Myzone.

“Myzone's wearable tech provides objective and measurable outputs to gamify fitness and help the FitFighter community connect and support one another through their fitness journeys.”

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About FitFighter

FitFighter was founded to make first responders better prepared for the rigors of their job. Now FitFighter has brought its training system to the gym, home, park, yard, basement, beach, turf, training room, or wherever it is people love to get strong.

Anyone, at any time, can begin their journey to lifelong strength and crush their everyday mission. FitFighter is here to give you that freedom to live a happier, healthier, life. For more information visit


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