Daily PE lessons for the family with free online workouts from Myzone

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Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Set yourself up for the day. Set a good example for the ones you love. Set your heart on achievement, together. Myzone is delivering free online PE lessons for the family with live feedback, every school day morning.

New to the MZ-Remote schedule is Myzone Family Burn (Mon-Fri at 8am-8.30am GMT), a fun and quick session designed to get your kids moving before school. Work together through a simple series of exercises to stay active, increase your energy, boost your mood and improve your fitness levels – all from the comfort of your home. It's time we all started feeling even more positively about physical activity and exercise.

You can take part without a Myzone device too. See below for details. If you do buy a Myzone fitness tracker or already have a Myzone belt, you can see your effort and heart rate in real time, displayed on screen alongside everyone else's.

Faily PE lessons with the Myzone MZ-Remote kids workouts before school

Don't have a Myzone belt yet but want to work out with the family? No problem. Simply download the Myzone app and enter the belt number as 0 and the facility code as mzuk001 when prompted. Then get moving and see how the Myzone community works.

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Fitness and physical activity for all, any time, anywhere.

Myzone has unlocked its MZ-Remote platform for everyone since national restrictions have been put in place across the UK. Many of us around the world can't travel, but we can still work out with other communities to share an experience and put the effort in together.

Exercising at the same time as others and seeing their effort alongside yours, no matter where you choose to work out, is a real difference maker. Whether you're running on the beach in LA, being trained by a fitness expert in the UK, or meeting your gym class buddies for live feedback from your favourite PT, we're stronger together.

What is MZ-Remote?

For more information email remote@myzone.org.


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