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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

If you've made MYZONE part of your fitness routine, you've likely experienced how effort-tracking technology holds us accountable and improves our adherence to exercise.

Exercise adherence is incredibly important for our health and fitness. Since initial physiological adaptations to regular exercise can take several weeks or months, it's consistency that allows us to achieve our long-term goals.

MYZONE understands this and has developed a reward system around consistency: MYZONE Status.


Before we go further, we want to share a few insights from a 2011 article by Dr. Len Kravitz that summarizes research on exercise motivation and adherence:

  • The more people believe they'll be successful as exercisers, the more likely they are to stick with exercise.
  • Seeing improvements in fitness through assessments help keep exercisers motivated.
  • We are less likely to continue an exercise program if we set unrealistic, unattainable goals.

Your MYZONE Status addresses these insights by focusing on a realistic monthly goal, rewarding your consistency and showing your improvements on a regular basis.

In this post, we’ll explain what your MYZONE Status is and why it is a metric you should watch – and be proud of!

Your MYZONE Status is based on your continued achievement of the minimum physical activity recommendations set by the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO recommends that healthy adults perform a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity cardiorespiratory exercise per week (and more for improved fitness benefits). This equates to 1300 MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs) per month, so MYZONE has based your status level on achieving 1300 MEPs for a specific number of months.

Breakdown of the MYZONE Status Levels


Note that you will begin with “No Status” until you earn 1300 MEPs.

You can’t buy your MYZONE Status. You can’t fast-track it. Just like improved fitness, you earn it by consistently putting forth effort.

And like your fitness level, your Status will drop if you do not earn at least 1300 MEPs for any given month. If you do not hit at least 1300 MEPs for any given month, your status will drop down to 0 (you maintain your current status, but lose any months you have gained towards attaining the next status). If your status number is 0 and you do not hit 1300 MEPs the next month, you will drop to the previous status. If you do not earn 1300 MEPs for two consecutive months, you will lose your current Status, dropping down to your most previous status. This means you’ve got to stay on it!

MYZONE keeps you posted on your Status in every post-workout email you receive about your latest MYZONE Move. Not only does this email include your current Status, but it tells you how many more MEPs you need to earn to achieve the monthly goal of 1,300 MEPs.

Here are a few of my Status updates in November 2017:


You can also keep tabs on your Status on the “My Stats” tab of your MYZONE app. Here, you’ll see if you have achieved the 1300 MEPs per month to keep your Status on track, as well as if you’ve achieved the monthly MEPs target you’ve set for yourself; mine is 2000 MEPs/month.


Be sure to pay attention to how your MYZONE Status progresses with your continued efforts toward your health and fitness goals. We consider achieving a new Status to be a major win that demonstrates our commitment to a lifestyle of wellness – we encourage you to take a similar view!

We’d love to see how you’re putting effort into your fitness! Remember to use the hashtags #effortrewarded and #myzonemoves when you post your workout pics, and don’t forget to add pictures on your MYZONE app so we can cheer you on!


Keep moving forward!

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