Getting the best out of your MZ-Switch battery

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Thursday, 5 August 2021

As you swim, lift, hike and dance your way to new personal MEP records, don’t get caught with a flat battery. These tips will ensure you’re charged up and tracking each session.

If you wear your Switch mainly on your wrist or forearm, expect the battery to last up to 40 hours. If you tend to wear it only on your chest, you’ll get up to 140 hours of wear. You can expect to land somewhere in between if you like to mix it up.


Hands Up

The LED zone indicator uses quite a bit of battery power. To stop it from draining, you can set up your MZ-Switch so that it only flashes when you raise your hand to check the zone. On the Myzone App, go to Settings>Preferences and toggle Hand-Up Display on.

When to Charge

When your Switch battery is at 30% it will flash orange to tell you it’s time to charge. You will also receive a pop-up notification in the app once your Switch dips below 20%. You can also always view the charge level on the workout screen of your app, even if your belt is not connected. It’s best to pop it on charge when you get these notifications to avoid inaccurate results or data loss. Please don’t charge it before then—charging your module too frequently can shorten the battery life.

How to Charge

Charge your Switch using a 5V wall adapter or computer USB. Be careful when using a mobile phone charger -they often supply a higher voltage than 5v. When in doubt, use a computer USB.

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