MZ-Switch – where you wear your heart rate monitor matters

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Thursday, 5 August 2021

The MZ-Switch makes earning MEPs easier than ever. But it matters where you wear it. The wrist works great on a cross country run, but not for pumping iron. There’s a reason, and it all comes down to technology.


The tech behind the MEPs – ECG vs PPG

The chest strap uses ECG technology which measures the electrical activity of your heartbeat. Because it’s placed directly over your heart, it’s not influenced by motion, so you can swing kettlebells, bump down a mountain bike trail, or rake the yard and still get an accurate reading.

On the wrist or arm, PPG technology shines LED lights into your blood vessels and predicts your heart rate by monitoring the blood flow. The accuracy of that prediction relies on the regular, repeated motion of your arm. You can swim, run, hike or bike your way to new MEP records with reliable accuracy using your Switch heart rate monitor on your arm.

Gripping activities create tension in your arm that can also lead to inaccuracies, so even if your reps are rhythmic, always use the chest strap for weightlifting.

Whatever moves you, learn the right way to wear your MZ-Switch with this helpful list or find out more with our heart rate monitor FAQ.

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