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Tuesday, 1 November 2022

Helping to reward effort and create some of the most incredible fitness experiences around the world, Myzone has teamed up with R:U READY, bringing heart rate training to the brand’s pop-up events and fitness retreats.

The R:U READY team of Steph Barlow and Lauren Gill create fitness events born from a love to travel. There are no barriers to entry when it comes to ability, and the experiences have been hosted everywhere from Newcastle to Bali. Now, each event will be powered by Myzone technology and heart rate monitors, too.



The power of community

“For us it’s all about community,” explains Steph. “Sweating, struggling and achieving together is pretty special. Some of our closest friendships have been made through shared fitness experiences.

“People come to our events alone, in friendship groups, with their gym buddies and even with family. Being able to make fitness social is a game changer. Surrounding yourself with likeminded people, smashing a workout and bonding through self-care experience is a really positive thing to be involved in.

“Both myself and Lauren have followed Myzone on social media for a long time and love how they have built their community through the app and using the belts within events. We both just thought ‘they would be great in an R:U event.’

“We really wanted to take our latest event to the next level so we reached out directly through a mutual friend. We had a Teams meeting the following week and both sides felt like it would be a great partnership – the rest is history!”


The fitness bond between being social and active

Adding Myzone’s heart rate training to the R:U READY experiences not only heightens the excitement and engagement for participants, but adds a level of education and understanding how effort affects the body, too. It’s these shared experiences of effort that bring the biggest rewards.

“Community is at the heart of everything we do at Myzone,” explains David Stalker, CEO Myzone EMEA. “The bond in fitness between the social and active elements mean that partnerships such as this one with R:U Ready make such an impact with not just class participants and attendees, but with the surrounding communities as well.

“Adding the functionality of digital training tools to the health benefits of physical activity is powerful. Together we can raise the standards for anyone in the R:U Ready movement and get more people engaged in wellbeing initiatives around the world through these incredible events.”

To view upcoming events, follow @RUREADYUK on Insta, or read more about the R:U Ready founders.

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