Future Fit and Myzone set to take fitpros’ careers to the next level

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Monday, 7 March 2022

Myzone is proud to announce a new partnership with training specialists Future Fit, paving the way for the next generation of fitness professionals to add value to clients and build a legacy of health benefits.

Through world-class training programmes, Future Fit educates and supports anyone in the wellbeing space wanting to become a personal trainer, Pilates or fitness coach, or to specialise in nutrition.

Adding the benefits of heart rate training, the accompanying motivation gains and accountability of Myzone to its portfolio of courses, aspirational leaders now have even more to offer their communities.


Make movement more about impact than sales figures.

“Understanding the needs of clients can revolutionise any trainer’s positive influence within a community,” explains David Stalker, CEO Myzone EMEA. “When fitness and health professionals make movement more about impact and empathy than about chasing sales figures, the result is always long-term benefit for everyone involved.

“Leveraging Myzone technology to retain high standards of practise throughout a trainer’s career is a cornerstone of an engaged and loyal community, with an importance that cannot be overlooked.

“We’re proud to share our digital insights and tech applications to benefit the careers of anyone in the journey with Future Fit for years to come.”


Personal training to transform the lives of clients.

Future Fit Training forges outstanding health and fitness professionals, transforming the lives of customers and their clients by building meaningful relationships and leaving lasting legacies.

Courses are developed in-house by experienced and degree level experts, and the Future Fit team is constantly innovating training provisions.

This means that when the industry changes, they develop courses to match. Future Fit has also won ukactive’s Training Provider of the Year award two years in a row.

“We have had a number of learners that have gone out into the world and are harnessing the technology that Myzone provides in a number of different ways to help with client engagement,” added Tom Godwin, operations director at Future Fit Training.

“We have seen how the Myzone product can help our graduates, many of whom are self-employed, go out and build into their product offering something different.

“We have seen graduates start to use the Myzone products to support one to one, group and remote training, and giving them the data they need to keep clients engaged, motivated and improving. From what they are telling us this has been a great move, and they are seeing value for both them and their clients.”


About Future Fit.

With almost 30 years in the industry, Future Fit is the UK's most trusted training provider for health and fitness education.

Providing high-quality education in Pilates, nutrition, personal training, and sports coaching and therapies courses, the Future Fit team is committed to transforming the lives of students and their clients across the UK and beyond.

Driven by continual innovation and industry-leading training, Future Fit ensure learners obtain their education, build their careers, and leave lasting legacies.

In their own words: “Whether you've dreamed of transforming lives, gaining qualifications, or changing your career, we'll help you achieve your ambition and become a fearless, impactful, and trusted fitness professional.”

For more information visit futurefit.co.uk

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