How to host a Myzone challenge that makes a difference

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Wednesday, 6 March 2024

Fitness Quest 10 founder, Todd Durkin, hosted a challenge that not only inspired participants to move more, but make even more lifestyle choices that benefit them in the long term.

Focus points for anyone taking on the IMPACT 31 Challenge included working out for at least six days of 30 minutes each session; drinking plenty of water; eating healthily; limiting phone use and social media; journaling, and sending encouraging messages to friends, family, or other contacts.

Read more to discover how to host a health and fitness challenge that makes a difference.

Who’s behind the IMPACT 31 challenge?

“My name is Todd Durkin. I’m the owner and founder of Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego, California. I started my Todd Durkin Mastermind group in 2007, and lead over 100 fitness business owners worldwide who are looking to maximise their success professionally as well as personally.

“I’m also an author and a keynote speaker, attending around 50 key notes per year.”

What made the difference for the IMPACT 31 challenge?

“Everyone loves to be challenged these days; that’s the truth! Accountability and prizes… There’s no doubt prizes make the difference. In this year’s IMPACT 31 Challenge, we gave away Myzone prizes, we gave away a bunch of my swag and my books.

“Our ultimate prize was a Therabody Theragun. We were giving away a ton of stuff. People love to win things, and the challenges definitely bring out the best in people.

“From a macro position, it was great to work with Myzone even more closely. I’m always working with Myzone and posting about it, but this has been an intention for several years to do something like this.

Todd Durkin, founder of Fitness Quest 10

“My hope is that it’s a start to work even more frequently with Terry Woods and the team there at Myzone. It’s just awesome teamwork. I always say teamwork makes the dream work – I don’t think I would have been able to do this by myself, and to have the support of the Myzone team has just been awesome. It’s allowed the IMPACT 31 Challenge to be even more successful.”

Which participants in the challenge inspired you the most?

“Kelly Young not only took part in the challenge but she had her tribe of people back in Washington DC area getting involved. Dozens of her members at Kelly’s Boot Camp were posting all the time, tagging Myzone and tagging me.

“They just totally wrapped their arms around the challenge and they were always moving. Kelly gets the community side of things and does a great job with her community anyway, but the fact that Myzone was driving this thing made it even better. My hat’s off to Kelly Young, no doubt about it.

“David Pohorence down in South Carolina, who was the overall MEP winner, got about 3000 more MEPs than anyone else. He’s a fitness professional who owns three Anytime Fitness locations. The guy was an absolute MEP machine during this time, so that was really cool.

Three women looking at the Myzone app, with a Myzone display screen in the background

“I’d also say Travis Barnes because he’s been a huge Myzone advocate over the years. The third week of January, I went back to New York and Pennsylvania where four of his clubs are and they had DEKA FIT events.

“Those scoreboards where they showed Myzone tiles were lit up like a Christmas tree in Travis’ facilities. Each and every one of his Journey 333 facilities had dozens of people at each location wearing their Myzone belts.

“Whether or not they were taking part in the IMPACT 31 Challenge, and many of them were, it was really awesome to see that.”

What feedback have you had from participants?

“People were so dialled in to not only their workouts but accruing their MEPs and trying to stay in the game. I call them Myzone maniacs! It’s one of those things where if you forget your Myzone then you feel like garbage.

“But the purpose of the IMPACT 31 challenge wasn’t just to reward the highest MEP earner. Yes, we want to achieve a certain level of MEPs but to also do the other facets of the challenge.

A Myzone Switch heart rate monitor in a gym

“Participants have loved the comprehensiveness and the complete physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual challenge, if they chose to do that. Some people did that… Matthew Smith up in Northern California, for 31 straight days, all 10 elements of the challenge, he did them!

How has Myzone helped to make the difference?

What makes Myzone effective is it’s a great tool for accountability as well as just motivation. If you’re a fitness operator, I can’t imagine having a gym these days and not being able to account for someone’s effort and other metrics.

“The fact that you’re measuring these things is awesome but doing it in real time makes it even better. Myzone does an awesome job with that.

How can fitness professionals make even more of an impact in the future?

“We’ve got to be more outspoken. Sometimes fitpros think that it’s such a small market and it’s so hyper-competitive. Inside the fitness market it might be competitive, but the truth of the matter is that we’re hitting such a small percentage of the overall population.

“We can’t have enough people evangelising health, fitness, mindset, soulset, and all the things that make someone’s life better. Ultimately all of this brings more success and more significance."

Find out more about Myzone challenges or visit the IMPACT Foundation website to donate.

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