How heart rate training can positively impact your members and club

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Thursday, 21 April 2022

Looking to increase engagement, drive performance and cultivate community, through training and technology that gets members motivated?

Heart rate is the key indicator for the intensity at which your members are working out and recovering – both of which are crucial for optimal training and programming.

Hyrox is the ultimate all round fitness test that pushes every participant to new limits, requiring well-programmed and consistent training, whether participating competitively or for fun. Heart rate monitoring and training is the ideal solution to ensuring you’re delivering such training whilst delivering also delivering wider impact for your members and your club and, in turn, your bottom line.

Member motivation.

Recent research from the University of Leeds shows that by making effort visible to your members you can increase their happiness and motivation during their workout. One rational for this increase in motivation is that they’re no longer guessing their effort or basing it on ‘how they feel’ – they know it... they know if they can go further, faster, stronger!

By using heart rate zone training you’re basing your members’ workouts on effort, not on ability. This allows for every member of your club to compete on a level playing field, alongside whoever they choose because they’re being judged on their personal effort not their ability. This inclusivity in turn fosters community, which then further fosters motivation.

"A great tool to help motivate our clients, keep track of our them and ensure they're working in the right heart rate zone." - Jasmin Castro, Cut Fitness

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Member retention.

Community and goal setting have proven pivotal across fitness facilities globally for driving retention.

Community. Through using effort as the key metric in your club and sessions you create a fair and inclusive playing field, fostering a positive culture and community. Moreover, you can add that level of personalisation for every member because you’re no longer required to check on how each member is feeling during the session - instead you can offer specific and personal coaching pointers and tips.

With the free Myzone app, you can even go a step further, creating that personal connection though congratulating, supporting and engaging with your members as they workout both in and outside of your club sessions.

Goal setting. This can work in two-ways

  1. Setting Heart Rate training goals such as quick recoveries, and increased maximal heart rate
  2. Using the heart rate training to supplement more specific member goals e.g. working on their max HR and CV fitness as their goal is to reduce their 1km run times or reducing their recovery time post set as their goal is a quicker recovery between each Hyrox discipline

Or maybe you'd rather gamify goal setting at a wider community level through challenges such as 'most green zone MEPs per month' or 'Greatest MEPs total per week'.

"Challenges really add a gamification element to the environment which keeps members engaged and coming back." - Vincent Angel, UFC

Overall, heart rate training has a lot to offer any Hyrox club, and as the Official heart rate monitor partner, Myzone is keen to support every facility embrace and adopt this robust way of training. Go further with us and speak to Jemma to learn more:

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