Is "Fun" an Essential Component of Fitness?

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Thursday, 1 December 2016

When we think about getting up at 5am to go out to run or to head into the gym to burn some early morning calories, “fun” is not necessarily the first word that comes to mind. Luckily, there are methods to employ and attitudes to adopt that are able to help us get in the mood for exercise and to, eventually, look forward to breaking a sweat as we see results and reach our goals. As our faithful users know, at MYZONE, we believe fun is an essential component of fitness. We believe this so much that we built it right into our effort-tracking system so you can hit your target heart rate zone. What’s so fun about the MYZONE system? Read on to find out.

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MEP Earning

We’ve talked about gamification in the past. And we already know the built-in game-like feature of MEP earning is what makes the MYZONE system so addictive. Nothing motivates us MYZONE users more than the mighty MEP. MYZONE Effort Point earning makes each and every workout more fun. We all like to earn points, so it just makes sense that we should get to earn then as we workout. When exercise becomes more of a game than a chore, it’s easy to see how hitting the gym begins to sound more like a challenging game than a duty that we have to push our way through. The MEP is the perfect form of workout motivation because it measures what matters most: effort.

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Nothing is more fun than a good old-fashioned competition. With the help of the MYZONE app, you’re able to easily challenge yourself, friends and family, or a whole class at your gym. Challenges are easy to set up within the free MYZONE app. They’re able to help push you to meet your personal goals or they can serve to ignite your flame of competition and energize you to beat out the competition so you can stay at the front of the pack. Either way, challenges are fun because they tap into your sense of competition and give you a reason to put in extra effort that will yield increased results. Find out more about Connections and Challenges here.

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Social sharing

Let’s be honest, we all love bragging on social media! Whether we’re highlighting the latest achievement of our kids or grandkids, showing friends and family the gadget we recently purchased, or reminding our buddies that our team won and theirs lost--social media is the perfect place to post what we want others to see. For MYZONE users, it’s easy and fun to share fitness achievement straight to social media. Through the app, it’s easy to share a picture of your latest achievement in the gym or you can easily share your latest badge achievement. When you meet your MEP goal or when you level up to Gold in status, it’s fun to show friends and family your latest accomplishment.

Do we think fitness will ever be our very favorite part of the day? Maybe not. But as long as we’re able to earn MEPS, compete, rank up, and share our progress--we’re confident that it’ll be motivating and fun enough that we stick with it to see more results!

How has the gamification features of the MYZONE system inspired you to put in more effort than you might’ve on your own? Do you find that MEP earning is what you needed to get more out of each workout and hit your target heart rate zone? Does the ability to share workout photos and before and afters in the app motivate you to get to get out of bed and get a workout in before you start your day? While you use MYZONE to help you find your target heart rate zone, we’d love to hear how it makes your workouts more fun! Share with us on social media using #myzonemoves and #effortrewarded and we may feature your story in our Testimonials section!

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