How to finish the Global Challenge strong

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Thursday, 14 April 2016

The Global Challenge is coming to a close. How are you doing? Are your MEP numbers where you hoped they would be? Do you have the energy to push yourself to finish the Challenge strong? If so, we’ll give you a couple ways to get your body moving and your heart rate training at it's peak as your MZ-3 tracks your final efforts.

heart rate training


If you’ve been hitting cardio, circuit training and weight training hard throughout this Global Challenge, try running! A steady run is able to help you stay in shape and maintain your endurance. Running intervals will help to push your cardiovascular fitness and will get your fitness to the next level. Weather you sprint or tackle some hills all you need is 10 to 15 seconds at a time. If you haven’t done this form of sprinting before, start with 4 sets of 10 to 15 second sprints and take minimal breaks to catch your breath in between. Be consistent and work until you can do 10 intervals at a time.

heart rate training


If you haven’t tried it, kickboxing is a high intensity workout that can get your heart rate up and keep it pumping throughout your workout. This aerobic exercise is the perfect combination of resistance training, interval training, cardio and strength training. If you’ve been looking for a heart-pumping, full body workout—this is it!

heart rate training

Try this interval workout:

40 jumping jacks

20 step ups

12 burpees

High knees (60 secs)

20 Push ups

Side plank (30 secs each side)

Jump rope (1 min)

Repeat all moves 4 times

heart rate training

Create a heart-pumping playlist

The right music during a workout can provide the energy needed to power through workouts at a higher level than usual. Create a playlist full of the songs that can you energized. Here are a few playlist options that you may want to try: Fitness Mag suggestions, POPSUGAR suggests, BuzzFeed suggested songs based on your personality, and Shape Magazine's top picks.

So which of these will you implement? What are your go-to methods for getting the most out of your heart rate training and earning big MEPs? We’d love it if you shared your favorite moves with other in the MYZONE community using #myzone or #effortrewarded on social media.

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