Jumpstart your motivation in the Global Challenge

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Thursday, 17 March 2016

The second MYZONE Global Challenge is here! We know you’re excited and ready to put up big MEP numbers in hopes of winning one of our cash prizes - and we’re here to help get you there!

One of the keys to earning the MEPs required to get entered into the prize draw is motivation. Because motivation is an aspect of fitness that many struggle with, we’ve compiled a list of motivation-boosting methods that may help power you through the month of March and to seeing your highest monthly MEP total ever!


Tip #1: Visualize

A strong, clear mental scenario of how you want to see yourself at the end of March may be the tool you need to get through this Global Challenge with a positive attitude. One of you may picture yourself at the end of the Challenge with you name written at the top of your club’s leaderboard. Another may picture yourself walking to the Starbucks across the street from your work, grabbing your phone and opening up your email inbox to find an email telling you that March was your highest monthly MEP total ever. Another may picture going to the MYZONE Facebook page to see that you have been named the winner of the second Global Challenge. Whatever mental image you need to create to get you moving and motivated throughout the month - close your eyes and picture it!


Tip #2: Track your Progress

This may seem like a no brainer because you know that all of your workout progress is safely stored in your trusty MYZONE App. However, knowing and keeping track of your effort zones during a Global Challenge can make the difference between getting the maximum number of tickets into the prize draw or only entering two or three. Throughout the month, take time to review your workouts, look at your color zones (effort levels) and determine at what point in your workout could you have pushed harder or done more and then modify the following day's exercise behaviors so you maximize your workout and your daily MEP total.


Tip #3: Bribe yourself

No one likes to do hard things with no reward. Alternately, many are willing to do hard, dangerous, or scary things if there is a worthwhile prize on the line.  The same principle can be applied to the Global Challenge. Decide now (if you haven’t already) what your prize will be for reaching you MEP goal. Maybe it’s a pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing, a weekend getaway with your sweetie, or a new dining table. Whatever it is that motivates you each day to put in the effort necessary to get your tickets into the prize draw - focus on it when you feel like stopping your run early or leaving the gym halfway through your planned workout.


Tip #4: Grab a friend (or two)

Having a friend or a group that you workout with is an instant motivator. Naturally, because others are watching you, you will push yourself harder and further in a group setting than you would if you were alone. A group is also able to give you the verbal encouragement or affirmation that you need to power through the remainder of your run, zumba class, HIIT session or spin class. Because we are social creatures, associating the gym or exercising in the great outdoors with laughing, joking and sharing life with others will allow us to be more eager and willing participants in our fitness experiences.


Tip #5: Invest in more workout clothes

Naturally, we will often come up with any number of excuses for not going to the gym. Don’t let “My only sports bra isn’t clean” or “I ran through mud last week and haven’t had time to clean my shoes properly” stand in between you and meeting your fitness goals. Load up on workout shorts, shirts, socks, etc. Whatever clothing you need in order to get your workouts in, make sure you have more than one set of each.

Employ these methods, or at least the ones that you know will work for you, and set yourself on track toward MEP earning success throughout this month’s Global Challenge. Share which of these methods worked best for you on social media using #myzone #myzonemoves or #MZGC2016

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