The results are in for our Myzone August Challenge

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Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Bringing a gaming mindset to physical activity not only keeps you competitive with yourself and others, but it keeps exercise fun. It’s never too late to enjoy moving. Myzone challenges within the gym mean that you can stay connected with your gym buddies and motivate each other with every move. That's why last month we encouraged our Myzone community to work out together while simulaneously boosting immunity and overall health.


As vaccines roll out around the world, there’s still more we can do to keep ourselves healthy for longer. Physical activity provides continued protection against severe outcomes of so many illnesses.

Benefits such as heart health and lung capacity, or immunity boosts, metabolic and mental health all come from simply moving more. It’s time to listen to the research and give ourselves the best defence against not just COVID but so many long-term conditions.

Throughout August we asked our community to move as much as possible. We are excited to share that together we smashed over 670 million MEPs! Congrats to our 10 lucky winners. Enjoy your $1,000 USD cash prize!


Winner's name



Jessica Lockard

Body Force Fitness

United States

Marisol Guerrero

Results Transformation Center - West Sacramento

United States

Mira Lane

Life Fitness

United States

Kelli Schmidt

Evolution Fitness 365

United States

Tracey Myhre

Anytime Fitness Puyallup WA

United States

Tommy Duran

UFC Gym Corona

United States

Melissa Faitak

YMCA Central VA Express

United States

Tisha Stago

Snap Fitness - Winslow

United States

Andy Weir

LiveArgyll - MASC

United Kingdom

Haitham Abdelhadi

Fitness First - MRD



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