The results are in for our Myzone December Challenge

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Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Bringing a gaming mindset to physical activity not only keeps you competitive with yourself and others, but it keeps exercise fun. It’s never too late to enjoy moving. Myzone challenges within the gym mean that you can stay connected with your gym buddies and motivate each other with every move. 


Last month we encouraged our Myzone community to celebrate fitness and give back to those less fortunate to really end 2021 on a high. Whether you were working out in the gym, hitting the trail and running through nature, or diving into the deep end, we made sure everyone received more - more fun, more movement and more support for the people that need it. 

The results are in...

We are excited to share that together we smashed over 589 million MEPs! Congrats to our 10 lucky winners. Enjoy your $500 USD cash prize and $500 charity donation!


Winner's name



Igor Starunov

Territoriya Fitnesa


Vangelis Tryfonidis

A Tribe Called Sweat

United Kingdom

Melinda Lyon

Claremont Club

United States

Jordan Moyle


United Kingdom

Anthony Hilton

Bannatyne Health Club Tamworth

United Kingdom

Andrea Maldonado

FemmeFit Majadas


Coleen Keith

The EDGE - South Burlington

United States

Nikki Mahaffey


United States

Andy Eckert

Epic Fitness

United States

Martin Roberts

The Fitness Lab



Keep moving to smash your goals and be the best version of yourself throughout 2022. In need of some extra motivation? Discover why millions of people love Myzone, a community of real people united by the effort they put in.

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