Congressional Physical Activity Challenge: The Results

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Thursday, 17 June 2021

With the eyes of the world on wellbeing and the importance of movement after a year of lockdowns and health concerns, there has never been a better time to engage governments in truly understanding how moving more is key to our future health.

Teaming up with the Physical Activity Alliance, Myzone launched the Congressional Physical Activity Challenge to highlight the importance of making movement more fun, accessible and inclusive across the USA and on a global scale. The results are in!


About the physical activity challenge.

The competition was open to all members of Congress, their DC Congressional staff and interns. Each participant used an MZ-Switch heart rate monitor during the challenge, with winners awarded based on individual achievement, office achievement and most office staff participants able to reach the World Health Organization guidelines for physical activity.


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With so many government officials taking part in this year’s challenge it’s the perfect example of how leaders should be acting when involved in the decision-making process. Not only are they embracing the understanding of how important physical activity is, they’re living the experience and taking part themselves.

This not only raises the level of consideration when it comes to putting these large-scale positive changes into effect, but it gives each leader the empathy for their communities on how to integrate more movement into different lifestyles.

Exercise and fitness initiatives that change lives.

The wellbeing of the nation is being taken seriously in ways that we’re all incredibly capable to assist with. This can be seen with initiatives such as S. 1301, Promoting Physical Activity for Americans Act coming to the forefront of attention and agendas, and more government figures standing up for the importance of movement.

“We’re marking up legislation that’s designed to help improve our own healthcare through up to date recommendations on physical activity,” explained Senator Richard Burr as part of the US Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions.

Not only is Senator Burr pushing for positive change, he’s also leading by example. His office won the Top Office Point Earner award with 189,528 MEPs, and his 42 staff collectively achieved the most office staff participants to reach the World Health Organization Guidelines for Physical Activity (which is 1300 Myzone Effort Points).

“Physical activity is key to improved healthcare outcomes over the long term,” Burr continues. “I encourage my staff to participate in the annual fitness challenge here in Congress, and we have been among the top ranked teams for the last few years. I’d like to think that’s mostly about my coaching. Clearly, I’ve got a motivated staff.

“I look forward to supporting these important pieces of legislation in the committee and in working together to make sure they move through the United States Senate.”

The Congressional Physical Activity Challenge results.

Top Individual Point Earner

Marshall Yates from the Office of Representative Mo Brooks – 20,710 MEPs

Top Individual Point Earner Runner-Up

Jennifer Decasper from the Office of Senator Tim Scott – 20,216 MEPs

Top Office Point Average (must have 4 or more participants)

Office of Representative Mo Brooks – Average is 8,896.33 MEPs

Top Office Point Average Runner Up

Office of Representative Michael Guest – Average is 8,794.42 MEPs

Top Office Point Earner

Office of Senator Richard Burr (189,528 MEPs)

Most office staff participants to reach the World Health Organization Guidelines for Physical Activity (=1300 MEPs)

Office of Senator Richard Burr (42 Staff)


Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone that took part. If you'd like to learn the benefits of heart rate training and tracking physical activity, read more about Myzone MEPs and the zones.

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