Kim: fighting cancer with physical activity and a bulletproof mindset

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Sunday, 7 April 2024

We’re often overwhelmed by the strength and dedication to movement within the Myzone community, but sometimes we see a commitment that stands out above the rest.

Lots of things can take priority over exercise and physical activity, and it’s important to remove the barriers, ignore the excuses, and stay focussed.

Kimberly Dilts is taking that to another level, and someone to look up to for doing exactly what it takes to keep active.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer and having her world turned upside down, she’s found new ways to continue her physical activity and keep exercise as a focus.

Kimberly Dilts in hospital during her cancer treatment

This is her story in her words, and an inspirational tale of changing attitude and approach through a challenging time.

The mindset to overcome any obstacle

“I’ve been wanting to share my Myzone testimony with you for some time now, but something always seemed to get in the way.

“When I recently hit 1300 MEPs and reached Diamond status, a flood of emotions overwhelmed me.

“I realized that on the first month of moving toward ‘Diamond’ in March 2023, I had been diagnosed with breast cancer and had begun a journey that was definitely a major challenge and turned my world upside down.”

Working out and moving into the unknown

“Working out, specifically running and weight training were very important to me, and I didn’t know if I would be able to continue training through six months of chemotherapy and surgery.

“Myzone was instrumental in my success. One thing I realized last month was I hit Diamond without having to have my account put on hold; I hit at least 1300 MEPs every month for the last year, and that wasn’t always easy.

“On one particular day I was at rock bottom. I couldn’t walk without a cane and my husband Jeff had to help me do just about everything. It was the beginning of a new month and I didn’t know how I was going to get even 13 MEPs, much less 1300.

Kimberly Dilts and her husband Jeff

“I decided that day to strap my MZ-Switch on my wrist and go for it. I walked around the house for about 30 minutes and took a shower. I got 92 MEPs! That so-called ‘workout’ changed my whole attitude and gave me a sense of hope that I had lost.”

A daily reminder of the power of movement as medicine

“Am I a numbers junky? You bet! But having the goal of reaching at least 1300 MEPs each month has been a true blessing for me through this challenging time way beyond just having a fitness goal.

“My Myzone goal is a daily reminder of the power of movement as medicine and of moving forward no matter what obstacles are placed in my path.”

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