Playing netball and getting communities moving through sport

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Thursday, 18 January 2024

Getting more women back into the game, Totally Netball and Myzone have joined forces to keep more people moving through sport, achievement, and healthy competition.

“Totally Netball is a family run business that offers back to netball leagues for players who want to get back in to playing netball or want to start playing a new sport,” says Brett Daynes, director at Totally Netball.

“We have leagues for both women and men of all abilities, ages (16 years old and up) and fitness levels. It is not just about playing netball – we want to get people socialising, too.

“We run events, tournaments and socials for all of the TN family to get involved in.”

How to start playing with Totally Netball

“We run leagues in Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Leicestershire.

“If an individual would like to get started with getting on/back on to the court then they can head over to the Totally Netball website and drop us an enquiry about the league they'd like to join.



“We offer pay-to-play or membership to try and let players play more netball while keeping it cost effective.

“Myzone is a great way for individuals to keep on top of their goals. Starting heart rate training may push some individuals to play more or play that little bit harder, which will improve their netball and they will get more enjoyment out of the game.”

England netball and the benefits of keeping active

“With the England netball team, Vitality Roses, doing so well in recent competitions, we have noticed a sharp uptake in the sport.”


Read ex-England netball professional Danielle Jordan-Taft’s story

Danielle Jordan-Taft former England netball player


“We have all heard and read about the benefits of keeping active, but one thing netball does, as a team sport, is give people a 'family' and support," continues Brett.

“Netball has the ability to bring people together that may never have crossed paths before and, once you are in a team, you commit more to playing and keeping active.”

Competitive spirit that drives teamwork and movement

“The love of sport is what drives so many important elements of community,” explains David Stalker, Myzone Group CEO.

“What Totally Netball is doing throughout its network is a shining example of how exercise and competitive spirit combine to drive teamwork and movement benefits for the long term.

“Working together with such passionate people is at the heart of what Myzone is all about. Through these digital partnerships in physical activity, we can improve the health of more people while raising standards in both wellbeing and performance goals for years to come.”

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