Meet the 78-year-old showing older adults how to stay physically active

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Friday, 5 April 2024

Meet Dianne Little, a woman with sensational stats at 78 years old, showing older adults exactly how to stay active, in and out of the gym.

With one million Myzone Effort Points under her belt and a regular monthly MEP count of 10,000, her insatiable urge to keep moving sees her compete throughout the year and act as a shining example of motivation, discipline, and wellbeing.

How to stay active later in life

“I seriously started my fitness journey over 20 years ago. I wanted to continue to be active and do things later in life that I could easily do in my 50s.

“I knew I needed to keep my body moving. Exercising began slowly and increased throughout the ensuing years. Then something big happened. I was introduced to Myzone and nothing was the same after that.

Older adult physically active on exercise equipment in a fitness studio

“I loved the feedback, intensity, accountability and the MEPs! First, I focused on cardio; then began to strength train. I loved what strength training did for me. It has transformed my body while noticeably increasing my power in lifting I set goals for myself each month.”

Moving beyond one million Myzone Effort Points

“As I look back, the consistency and accountability in using Myzone was pivotal in my fitness journey. In eight years, I reached one million MEPs. Out of the gym, I’ve also taken Myzone with me on all my hiking trips in the US and abroad and just about anywhere I travel.

“In addition to the MEPs, I took up indoor rowing three years ago and will reach eleven million meters soon. I also participate in 12 rowing competitions a year both in power and endurance. I consistently reach 10,000 MEPs each month with Myzone, and achieved intermediate level in Pilates this year, too.

“I know, without a doubt, Myzone has been an important partner and motivator in achieving these accomplishments.”

What’s your plan to keep moving as you age?

“At any age, being strong is beautiful. At 78 it has an even greater significance. Why?

  • I can feel my muscles working and getting stronger with each lift.
  • I’m increasing my muscle mass and bone density.
  • I have a higher VO2 max.
  • I have increased endurance and stamina.
  • My balance and coordination has improved.

"These are all things we lose as we age unless we have a plan to keep moving.

“The thing I hear the most from friends my age is about their fear of exercising and injury, or of feeling intimidated in the gym.

"My recommendation is to start slowly and if you can, get a good trainer that works well with older people.

“Along with a healthy diet, exercise can help you maintain your mobility into your later years. If you want to age with ease, you need to be deliberate in your focus and determination so that you are able to do all the things that bring you joy in life.

“Your 60s, 70s and 80s come faster than you think. And, as I have found out, Myzone is the best partner to take along with you.”

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