Myzone Launches New App Feature

By: kes_nee

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Myzone has stepped up their offerings. After the success of Zone Match within club solutions, the feature that gamifies a workout has now been launched within the Myzone App.

Zone Match offers users who are not in a group exercise environment to be led through a set process of zone training, which they can perform anywhere. Zone Match has been designed by Myzone, to help continually develop users engagement and commitment to physical activity.

Dave Wright, CEO of Myzone said, “Zone Match is a game changer for operators and users, following Myzone’s values to encourage and motivate sustained physical activity. Operators benefit by setting challenges to users on Zone Match, continually engaging and motivating their members. Users benefit because they have control of their activity, choosing their Zone Match dependent on their time, and ultimately motivating them to gain Myzone Effort Points (MEPs), gamifying their activity.”

What is Zone Match? Zone Match is a color driven cardio game where users aim to match the target color to their own Myzone Effort Tile. The longer you match the prescribed color zone, the higher your Zone Match score.

Zone Match motivates and challenges you to achieve set zones within your workout. The app will take you on a zone journey to help you achieve your goals. You simply set a time duration and choose your preferred cardio experience. Throughout the workout, you’ll get live feedback informing you how well you’re doing within the zones. At the end you’ll receive a personal best percentage score to gamify your Myzone experience.

Simply put, it leads you through interval training challenges to achieve set zones to gain set goals.

Zone Match is now launched via the Myzone app.

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