Get your clients on board with wearables

When it comes to giving your clients the feedback they need, you look at MYZONE as a no-brainer. But oftentimes your clients are not as quickly convinced when it comes to purchasing a belt on top of their gym membership and personal training expenses. So what can you as a trainer do to get more of your clients strapping on their MYZONE belt and getting the accurate effort feedback they need during their workouts inside of the gym and at home? We have a few tips and tricks to help you get even the most hesitant client excited about the personal training heart rate monitor your club has to offer. 


Sell them on accountability

Do you ever set a homework assignment for your client that you just know they’re not going to follow through on? Maybe you suggest that they take time to walk for 30 minutes each weekday that they aren’t meeting with you for a session. With the MYZONE system, you're able to monitor your client’s exercise efforts and calorie burn throughout the week, so you can easily see if they’ve taken your direction or not. Sell your clients on accountability. When they know that you’re able to, with the tap of a finger, check in on their progress and even give corrective feedback throughout the week, the wearable may sound like just the motivator they’ve been looking for.


Sell them on accuracy

The MYZONE system was built to give your clients real-time, accurate feedback so that they can meet their goals faster. Let your clients try out the belt in your club and show them how the system works. When you tell your client that their heart rate is being tracking with 99.4% accuracy to an EKG, they're more confident throughout their workout knowing that the number they see on the screen and the calorie burn they observe is a true reflection of the effort they’re putting in. Unlike wrist-based trackers that aren’t able to reward all forms of movement and have been proven to be inaccurate when it comes to step counting and calorie expenditure, MYZONE helps your clients stay in tune with their body during each workout. This decreases the risk of overworking or not working enough to get the results they want.


Sell them on fun

MYZONE was built with gamification and social features that turn each user's exercise journey into an interactive and fun experience. MEPs make workouts fun and challenging and get your clients pushing themselves harder than they were before to earn the points they need to reach their customized weekly or monthly MEP goals. Social features push clients to stay accountable to meeting their goals because they know friends and family are watching. As all trainers know, goal-setting is essential for workout beginners who haven’t developed a love for the fitness process yet. Giving each client a concrete goal either based on MEPs, calorie burn, or time spent exercising gives them a target to shoot for during each and every workout (in or outside of the club!).

What other methods have helped you sell your clients on the accuracy and fun of the MYZONE wearable system? We would love it if you would share your knowledge with other trainers working to get their clients on-boarded with MYZONE. Share your best practices on social media using #myzone or #effortrewarded or on our trainers Facebook group.

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