Celebrating achievements and setting goals for 2024

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Tuesday, 9 January 2024

Around the world, people are busy making and sticking to their new year’s resolutions.

Whether it's entering a new event or creating the perfect Myzone workout graph, these goals come in all shapes and sizes, so we asked the Myzone community about their achievements last year and their goals for this year.

You can find more ways to kick off the year with our list of January fitness pitfalls and how to avoid them, too.

For now, it's about marathon running in London, tower climbing in Vegas, overcoming medical procedures, or hitting the Million MEP Club at over 70 years old... Below, you’ll find the inspiration to move more in ’24.

Here's to the inspirational members of the Myzone community...

Q: What have been your greatest achievements of 2023? What are you looking forward to in 2024?

Passing my Aqua Aerobics and Spin qualifications, and joining a gym because the one I work at just didn’t appeal to me. I’m looking forward to getting stronger and designing more sessions.

- Lauren Victoria Hull

Doing my first HYROX in my own country of Ireland. Looking forward to more HYROX races in 2024, with Madrid booked for March.

- Pado Timmins

Looking forward to the London Marathon 2024.

- Chris John Hadley

Reaching one million Myzone MEPs in July 2023! Competing in 11 competitions with Concept2 and achieving a milestone total of 10 million rowing metres. Ramping up my weightlifting and Pilates to become a stronger version of myself.

All this at turning 78. 2024 will see more competitions, more MEPs, and more metres, with an even bigger emphasis on weightlifting. Keep moving forward! Strong is beautiful.

- Dianne Little

Getting into the HYROX World Championships (A/G mixed doubles).

- Dexter Price

Competed in the powerlifting world championships and came first, with a European record!

- Sophie Samuels

I’m climbing the stairs at the Stratosphere in Vegas – 108 flights – and I’m going to Iceland and Norway to climb some mountains. That’s all, lol! My accomplishments have been harder hiking and climbing Mummy Mountain in Vegas – 11,500ft.

- Mary Macor

I knocked two hours off my 2022 Glencoe Challenge time this year in Scotland, and summited Kilimanjaro on my 53rd birthday in August.

I also took on my first Nuclear Fit race wearing my new Myzone equipment. I can’t wait to push myself even harder in 2024.

- Stewart Taylor

I never had any achievements. I’m not looking forward to 2024 at all – I will show up every day. That’s what I do. If anyone else cares, that’s fine by me.

- Zappy Russell

Writing my own runs instead of having my trainer write them for me.

- Jessica Friedman

Total knee replacement recovery while maintaining my Myzone status.

- Mark Detrick

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