Power Plate partners with Myzone for a new exercise experience

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Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Power Plate has teamed up with Myzone to provide its community with new class experiences through MZ-Remote with the opportunity to offer rewards based on effort, every time they move.

Power Plate exercise class

The global leader in whole body vibration.

As the global leader in whole body vibration, Power Plate is embracing Myzone’s MZ-Remote platform to host classes live online in addition to using MZ-Instruct to educate communities in the gym. Together these initiatives are set to bring big benefits to class participants’ strength, endurance, circulation, mobility, bone health and weight loss goals.

“With the Power Plate community able to access products both at home and in the gym, this new class offering means that they can continue to reap the benefits of vibration technology and heart rate training, wherever and whenever they want to work out,” explains David Stalker, CEO of Myzone EMEA. “It is the perfect way to cement the link between movement in the gym and at home.

“Flexibility is key to unlocking the next chapter in our great fitness and physical activity sector. The way we approach classes and programming has not changed, but the way that we measure investment and spend has, both as a business and as a participant.

“Now the Power Plate community can reap the benefits of joined up thinking within their wider community. The better the digital experience, the better the engagement is going to be all round.”

MZ-Switch heart rate monitor

More than fitness equipment.

Known for a strong presence in and out of the gym, Power Plate understands how combining physical and digital spaces reaches more of the community as part of a movement that continues to grow.

“With so many people adapting to find new ways of exercising during the pandemic, taking part in online classes such as MZ-Remote, going for daily walks, or exercising with their family, Power Plate recognises the importance of being able to track and monitor these workouts both at home and in the gym,” explains Sandy Kolkey, chief marketing officer at Power Plate.

Power Plate’s community will be able to get the Myzone class experience from any location, with full access to personal statistics and constant contact with their class instructors.

Technology and community, side by side.

Gyms and fitness studios will also benefit from the ability to incorporate Power Plate into their training sessions and group exercise classes, connecting with members from any location, building loyalty and trust. By monitoring an individual's progress, instructors can provide valuable feedback, keeping members engaged for longer.

Steve Wright, VP Power Plate EME says “Myzone connectivity will enable health clubs to bring Power Plate group exercise classes into the mix, allowing members to try something new, and add a competitive edge with live workout data shown on the big screen.”

Transition Zone in London, UK, will be the first fitness studio to implement the exciting Power Plate x Myzone combination and owner Claire Finlay says “I am really excited to further strengthen our sense of community.

"Myzone facilitates this by tracking and rewarding all forms of activity be it walking the dog, playing football with the kids or a 25-minute Power Plate class. Technology and community sit side by side. For me it’s the future!”

For more information visit the Power Plate website.


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