RISE partners with Myzone to embrace renewed demand for outdoor fitness

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Tuesday, 15 March 2022

An innovative new fitness franchise is combining the power of heart rate training with expert programming to meet people’s health and wellbeing needs in the great outdoors.

Developed in response to changing exercise habits as a result of the pandemic, RISE Fitness blends outdoor group personal training with Myzone heart rate technology, 24/7 coaching support and nutritional advice to boost people’s fitness, energy and confidence.


The perfect fit for our new world.

“People have discovered a love for exercising outdoors during the pandemic and also recognise that being fit is essential to staying healthy to fight this virus as well as any future outbreaks. As many people continue to hybrid-work or work from home, a local health and fitness offer like RISE Fitness is the perfect fit for our new world,” says co-founder Andy Kay.


Not your typical outdoor bootcamp.

Myzone is fundamental to the RISE philosophy. The pre-designed workouts are built around the heart rate technology with each phase of the outdoor group training targeted to a specific heart rate zones, each of which is colour-coded depending on the effort level.

Participants start off in the green zone during the warm up phase with exercises like jumping jacks, lunges and top taps. The intensity is gradually increased throughout the session with everyone encouraged to hit the red zone in the final phase, before taking it back down to the blue zone for a well-earned cool down.

Each Myzone mover has their own workout station with a mat, equipment and a phone stand allowing the RISE coach to easily see which effort zone they are working in.

Andy continues: “Every single RISE member uses Myzone so we can make sure they are working at the right heart rate for them. They know exactly what intensity they need to work at, because they can see it on screen right in front of them, every session.”


Myzone is in the DNA of every workout.

Group training in just one aspect of the RISE programme. Andy knows that working in partnership with Myzone means RISE coaches can support RISE members outside of the bootcamps, seven days a week.

“It’s important that we have as many touch points with our members as possible,” he explains. “So as well as two group PT sessions a week, they have access to a RISE coach 24/7 who sets goals, advises on heathy eating and encourages them to earn their MEPs.”

The RISE coaches set Myzone challenges to keep their movers engaged and boost their activity throughout the month. These include the 700 MEP a week challenge, which is linked to nutritional targets and is designed to drive results for members, which helps retain them for longer.

With a long history of developing successful health and fitness concepts, Andy and his partners plan to expand the RISE franchise across the UK.

“With more people working from home than ever, there’s been a clear shift to local health and fitness solutions. RISE combines all the benefits of outdoor group PT with continuous online coaching and support. Myzone is inextricably linked to the RISE concept; it’s the DNA of our programme.”


About RISE Fitness.

RISE is an outdoor training system that uses a smart combination of group training sessions combined with the continued support of online personal training to offer a 24/7 approach that guarantees results.

The team behind RISE Fitness set out to create a fitness franchise that would suit the post-COVID landscape with outdoor training, leading technology, out of session activity, progress tracking and eating plans – all delivered by expert coaches.

For more information about RISE Fitness or becoming a franchisee, please visit risefitness.org

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