Embrace circuit training that gives something back – MZ-Smart Station

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Thursday, 10 November 2022

Myzone has launched MZ-Smart Station, gym class technology that can deliver a circuit training where class participants’ Myzone tiles follow their every move.

This means that operators and instructors are now able to get more people moving safely in any space, implementing 1300+ individual instructional videos on up to 12 screens, preventing any confusion on what exercise participants need to be doing. Smart Station helps the whole class, while freeing instructors to focus much more on form and motivation.


Your heart rate tile follows you around the class

“Simply put, Smart Station is a multi-station circuit training version of Myzone, where the Myzone tile follows the participants’ every move,” says Leon Rudge, global head of product at Myzone.

“If you imagine in a circuit training environment, with Smart Station you can have up to 11 screens for participants and one screen for the trainer, with groups of groups of participants at each station performing the exercise. As they move from station to station, MZ-Smart Station choreographs that movement, and the title follows the participant.

“The trainer has a screen where they can see all of the participants, the stations they’re at and the exercises that they should be performing. That trainer can then move between those stations and provide that corrective feedback, or provide motivation. And because Smart Station groups participants at each station as an entire class, it really starts to build that community engagement.”


Myzone Smart Station


More club visits and better member engagement

It’s important to hear about how programming products and technology work in practise. Here’s what Bannatyne, UK, found when implementing Smart Station into their HYPR class.

“The video content that you'll find as a participant in the classes extremely helpful,” explains Oliver Cox, head of fitness programming at the Bannatyne Group.

“You know what you're doing at every station that you're at, and the coach benefits by being able to have the shackles off to help people with motivational cues and the corrective cues.

“As an operator that’s trying to maximise the benefits that this technology can bring to members, it goes beyond the direct experience they might have in the class. We believe that it has the long-term benefits of further engagement, more club visits, and more activity outside of using our facilities. That’s what ultimately keeps people engaged in their own exercise regimes.”

For more information visit the Smart Station homepage.


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