JJK fitness: Creating exceptional member engagement

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Thursday, 10 November 2022

Crazy, addicted, fearless – the three words used by Joe Kelly, founder of JJK Fitness UK, to describe his incredible club community. 

Implementing Myzone in 2016, Joe and the team have effectively used the solution to drive exceptional engagement among both members and staff. He explains three key ways that he threads Myzone throughout his members journey – from onboarding to DJs and events!

Embedding Myzone from the start.

Over the years JJK Fitness have adapted their member onboarding model, as many around the globe have, but one thing that has remained constant is the introduction of Myzone from the off.

Part of a promo pack, or as a value add-on option; Joe makes a point of not only highlighting Myzone to each new member but explaining the product and its potential. Readying them for the club experience. 

Long and short term engagement tactics.

Recognising that members require both short and long term goals, Joe’s team created a mix of member challenges. Ranging from monthly MEPs targets, to quarterly and even year long, he ensures all members were continuously driving and remaining motivated.

This means every member is continually inspired, whilst also building a strong club community and, of course, adding a healthy dose of competitiveness.

Unique class experiences.

If you haven’t heard of the JJK1000 – you’re missing out. An intense workout with live DJs, over 80 participants, and Myzone live screens driving the effort. It's named the ‘JJK1000’ because of its promise that you’ll burn an insane 1000 calories, or more, per class!

Considered by members to be an unmissable event, it further embeds Myzone into the club experience and community.

From classes to events.

Joe and the team’s love for hosting a fitness challenge has become more evident in 2022. Hosting their first large scale fitness event in September, where Joe’s highlight was a close run between the intensity of the final and the fried chicken on offer!

The team are looking to host their second fitness event at the Kings Langley HQ this November 27th. An event that Myzone are excited to be a part of, driving the participant experience with live effort tiles displayed for every participant throughout the event.

Myzone are proud to have been a key part of the incredible journey so far – from classes, to events, to intensely competed challenges. And look forward to following the JJK team as they plan for an exciting 2023.

Follow the JJK Fitness team here.

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