6 reasons to start heart rate training with wearable technology

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Wednesday, 29 November 2023

Whether it’s a workout and protein shake or Netflix and chill, some things just go well together.

It's no different in fitness and wellbeing. Heart rate training and wearable technology just makes sense, and it's easier than ever to get on board. Here's a look at the top benefits of heart rate training using wearable tech.

1. Precision training

By using wearable technology to monitor your heart rate, you can train at the exact intensity needed to achieve your specific fitness goals. Heart rate zone training makes it much easier to work out at the optimal intensity to reach your fitness goals, every time.

2. Real-time feedback

Wearables provide instant feedback on your heart rate, allowing for immediate adjustments to your workout intensity. Not only are Myzone’s heart rate tiles useful for seeing how much effort you’re putting in, they also show a personal trainer or gym operator who can push harder or who needs to take it easy.

3. Customised workout plans

Heart rate data can help create personalised workout plans that cater to your unique fitness level and goals. By working to the zones and rewarding effort, there’s enough variety to continually improve your fitness level while still serving your needs and preferences.

4. Tracking progress

Wearable tech makes it easy to track your progress over time, giving you a clear picture of how your fitness is improving, every MEP of the way.

5. Motivation boost

Seeing your heart rate and progress in real-time can be a significant nudge, encouraging you to push your limits. Whether your focus is fitness tracking specifically, or just overall health goals, this is the motivation boost you’re looking for.

6. Understanding your body

Monitoring your heart rate helps in understanding how your body responds to different types of exercise. Your body’s response will adapt over time as you get fitter, and your Myzone device will adjust accordingly so you’re always raising the bar to benefit from any exercise types and for your overall health awareness.

Find out what makes other people love heart rate training, with Myzone community feedback.

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