The Myzone Games: Winners Announced

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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The results are in. We’re excited to announce the winners of the MYZONE Games! They may not have competed in Rio, but each person strived after gold. They fought for medals in their homes, gyms, and neighborhoods, raking in MEPS as they exercised in their personal intensity zones.

So without further ado, we want to congratulate our amazing winners!

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If you earned bronze, silver, or gold and weren’t selected from the prize draw, keep up the good work! With MYZONE you exercised smarter and worked harder, and that effort never goes to waste.

The ‘16 Olympics may have ended, but your pursuit of gold doesn’t have to. Our olympians are successful because they keep training when the cameras turn off. They push themselves when the glamor and glory of the summer games have ended. What if we applied that same attitude to our workouts?

Even though the MYZONE Games are over, keep hustling! Strap on your MZ-3 and challenge yourself, your friends, your acquaintances at the gym, and other members of the MYZONE community.

group heart rate tracking device

Use this challenge as a benchmark

What medal did you earn in the Games? How challenging was it to reach your MEP goal?

If you easily earned bronze (600 MEPS), awesome job! Over the next month, see if you can earn a silver medal (1200 MEPS). If getting gold (1800 MEPS) was a good challenge for you, try to do it again. However well you performed during the MYZONE games, use that information as a benchmark to keep challenging yourself. The harder you push yourself, the more certain you can be that you'll see your effort rewarded.

Have a story from the Games you'd like to share? MYZONE challenges are an opportunity for users and trainers from around the globe to share stories, ideas, experiences and knowledge. If you have a MEP earning tip or best practice that others can benefit from, share it on social media using #myzonemoves.

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