How to keep your heart rate up

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Monday, 2 November 2015

This month is our Global Challenge, so every MYZONE user is asking the same question: how do I earn more MEPs? Well have no fear, we’re here to give you 5 helpful tips on how to keep your heart rate up while having fun too!

HIIT  - As we mentioned in a blog post last month, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is an incredibly effective and rewarding way to exercise your body as well as your heart. HIIT is a workout style comprised of short work periods followed by short rest or less intense exercise periods. HIIT can effectively burn calories and keep your heart rate in the higher intensity zones for the majority of your session.

Tabata - Tabata is similar to HIIT in that it requires all-out bursts of exercise combined with short periods of rest. An example of Tabata training for runners is 20-second sprints and 10 seconds of rest. With shorter but more concentrated bursts of physical activity, Tabata will keep your heart rate up and improve your overall cardiovascular fitness. The Tabata protocol can be used for core strength as well as weight training.

Warm up - A 10 minute warm up will not only get your heart ready for the more intense exercise you have planned, but it will get your muscles ready as well. Warming up will earn you MEPs and get your heart and body in “workout mode” so you are less prone to injury. *keep your MZ-3 belt on for this

Cool down - A 10 minute cool down is of equal importance to the warm up. Both warm ups and cool downs are generally viewed as doing your normal activity at a slower pace and reduced intensity. The cool down is essential to the gradual recovery of your heart rate and blood pressure.  *keep your MZ-3 belt on for this

Try something new - Trying a new form of exercise is always exciting and by switching out of your normal routine, your heart will work to keep up. If you haven’t already, consider giving rock climbing a try. You no longer have to be an outdoor-lover to take part in this calorie-torching activity. Climbing can easily and safely be done indoors on your own or with a coach, it’s a wonderful change of pace and a great way to raise your heart rate while using different muscle groups. You'd be surprised by how much workout effort you can exert with as little as 15-20 minutes of climbing!

As always, consult with your doctor before making a huge shift in your workout routine. Strap on your MZ-3 belt and make a plan to put up big MEP numbers this month. Enjoy employing some of these tips throughout the Global Challenge during the month of November and share your progress with us using #MZGC2015 or #MYchallenge

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