Myzone's Game Like Features Keep HIIT Sessions Fun and Engaging

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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Remember how addictive PacMan was in the 80’s, or Mario Kart in the 90’s, or Minecraft is today? You remember that sense of achievement you felt when you simply avoided a ghost, or how good it was to dodge an oncoming red shell? You can easily allow your members to associate those same feelings of achievement and success with HIIT exercises. MYZONE was developed with a point system in place so that your members can have as much fun in your club as they used to in their member’s only jackets playing PacMan in the arcade.

The hottest word in behavior change right now is gamification. Defined, this complex sounding term means, “applying game mechanics and game design techniques to non-game environments in an effort to motivate behavior”. Fortune 500 companies are using it, loyalty programs such as AMEX and United Airlines are built around it, and there is every reason for gym operators to apply it too. This is especially true when keeping the average member engaged for just 3 extra EFT payments can double your gym’s bottom line.

MYZONE® is built to track exercise in the most accurate way available, it leverages a points system that rewards workout effort, and it taps into game mechanics such as leaderboards and status rankings. In short, it has been designed to give immediate reward, to continually challenge, and to keep your clients engaged in the process.

HIIT clubs can get started with their own gamification inspired, workout effort tracking ecosystem for an investment as small as $900. Talk with a customer service agent to find out more.

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