Myzone: Three Heart Pumping Workouts (in under 30 minutes)

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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

In honor of MYZONE’s February Fitness Challenge, we have prepared for you three heart pumping, MEP earning workouts that you’ll get your heart rate up!

First, some quick information about the February Fitness Challenge:

Step one was to sign up by clicking on the link in your e-mail by February 1st.

Step two involves MYZONE users (who have signed up for the challenge) being awarded 1 ticket for every 100 MEPs they earn between February 1st and February 28th. Ticket earnings will be capped at 50 tickets. One winner will be randomly selected to win USD $5,000 and 20 additional winners will be randomly selected to win a MYZONE Sports Bra or Compression shirt. Nice!

Next, let’s get to the workouts so you can start earning MEPs:

Before each of the three workouts below, we recommend a light warm-up of 5 to 10 minutes in the BLUE and GREEN zones. You can warm up dynamically or on a piece of cardio equipment. After each workout, we recommend that you cool down for at least 3 to 5 minutes and perform a few stretches for all major muscle groups you worked. All three workouts can be completed using your favorite mode of cardio and/or muscular endurance (so long as you can achieve and sustain the recommended zones). Grab your belt and pump it up!

High heart rate with MYZONE MEPs

Workout #1: Packed Pyramid

This pyramid is organized into periods of BLUE, GREEN, and YELLOW. You will gradually work your way up into YELLOW at the peak of the pyramid, and then gradually come back down.

  • Minute 1: BLUE ZONE
  • Minutes 2 & 3: GREEN ZONE
  • Minute 4: YELLOW ZONE
  • Minutes 5 & 6: GREEN ZONE
  • Minute 7: BLUE ZONE

Repeat x 2 (for a total of 3 times up and down the pyramid = 21 minutes)
MEPS = 60 (not including warm up and cool down)

Heart rate up with MEPS

Workout #2: Ladder Drills

During this ladder workout, you will gradually take your heart rate through the zones until you hit RED (you can always adjust the top of the ladder to YELLOW if you’re not feeling RED that day).

Ladder #1:

  • Minutes 1-8: BLUE ZONE – 8minutes
  • Minutes 9-12: GREEN ZONE – 3 minutes
  • Minutes 13 & 14: YELLOW ZONE – 2 minutes
  • Minute 15: RED ZONE – 1 minute
  • Minutes 16 & 17: Recover down to GREEN

Ladder #2: Perform right after Ladder #1

  • Minutes 18-20: GREEN ZONE – 3 minutes
  • Minute 21 & 22: YELLOW – 2 minutes
  • Minute 23: RED ZONE – 1 minute
  • Minutes 24 & 25: Recover as much as possible – 2 minutes

MEPs = 61 (not including warm up, minutes 24 & 25 of final recovery, or additional cool down)

Heart rate monitoring with MYZONE

Workout #3: Tempo Test

This workout is designed with periods of YELLOW/RED during the work phase and periods of GREEN during the recovery. If you are training for a running race, use a pace that is at or faster than your desired race pace for the work phases and a pace that is slightly slower than your race pace for the recovery pace.

  • Minutes 1-4: GREEN ZONE – 4 minutes
  • Minutes 5-7: YELLOW/RED ZONE (work phase) – 3 minutes
  • Minutes 8-11: GREEN ZONE (recovery) – 4 minutes
  • Minutes 12-14: YELLOW/RED ZONE (work phase) – 3 minutes
  • Minutes 15-18: GREEN ZONE (recovery) – 4 minutes

MEPs = 60 (not including warm up and cool down)

If you are feeling like you really want to get after it, you can combine some of the elements from the above workouts, or even complete two of the workouts back-to-back to get your heart rate up!

We will discuss these heart-pumping workouts during our Friday, February 10th 2017 MYZONE Fitness Friday broadcast on Facebook Live (subscribe on MYZONE’s Facebook Page). You can always catch the replay on Facebook or on the MYZONE Moves YouTube Channel.

Tell us how you like these workouts! Post to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and use the hashtags: #effortrewarded and #myzonemoves. We always welcome your requests for specific workouts or any questions you have.

For more tips on how to use the MYZONE heart rate monitor, follow us during Fitness Fridays – 8 am PT, 11 am ET, and check out our MYZONE Moves Podcast on iTunes or Google Play.

Keep moving forward!

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