Wellonomics making the moves to unite people through physical activity

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Tuesday, 1 March 2022

In a move to raise awareness of physical activity benefits far beyond the reach of the traditional fitness industry, Myzone is excited to announce a new partnership with wellbeing experts, Wellonomics.

Wellonomics offers businesses a proactive approach to enhancing happiness and wellbeing within the workplace and employees have access to confidential assessment, insight and support in the six wellbeing areas of Sleep, Health, Stress, Social, Financial and Work.

In order for businesses to understand how collective employees feel about life and their state of wellbeing both inside and outside of work, they are provided with actionable wellbeing analytics, insights and data trends. The Wellonomics app will use Myzone functionality to engage and encourage physical activity for individuals and within teams of employees.


Bringing the benefits of physical activity to more people.

“Approaching digital initiatives as partners and as part of a greater community is vital in bringing the benefits of physical activity to more people,” explains David Stalker, CEO Myzone EMEA. “Through heart rate training, employees and individuals can improve their health with education, understanding that movement goals can be achieved through incremental change.

“In addition, this two-way partnership means that, by using the Wellonomics survey within Myzone, we can also evolve what we do for our people. This ensures we continue to better to understand our employees’ needs and raise our own standards so teams around the globe can work happier, healthier and more effectively for our communities and partnerships.”


Analysing data from honest and anonymous answers.

“I’ve always said how important it is to look after your people,” adds Rachel Young, Myzone director of business development (EMEA). “As an industry, we’ve been good at the physical activity side of health, but it’s easy to lose track of other essential factors to the bigger picture of wellbeing.

“The work that Wellonomics is doing is so important to keep teams happy and help them become more effective. It also allows CEOs and board to better understand the needs of their workforce. A clear picture of physical activity is vital to this, and Myzone is proud to be a part of it.

“Not only that, but another important aspect of this partnership is that Myzone has also asked its own staff to regularly fill out the Wellonomics Assessment. In doing so, we’re analysing the data from everyone’s honest, and anonymous, answers to further increase wellbeing engagement, because better never stops.”


Features to benefit staff wellbeing at the tap of a screen.

Myzone is available as a bespoke company-wide solution for Wellonomics clients, integrating into the Wellonomics app so all features that benefit staff wellbeing are available at the tap of a screen. This increases employee engagement, provides fun opportunities for healthy competition, and continues to accurately track physical activity data in-line with World Health Organization guidelines.

“Wellbeing is complex,” added Glen Thurgood, Wellonomics CEO. “This partnership is about bringing together industry leading companies that accurately measure and provide positive wellbeing change through enhanced employee engagement.

“Many factors can affect your wellbeing, and solely focussing on one aspect is not going to provide you with the optimal result. You may not even know what actually affects your wellbeing.

“That being said, our acutely accurate Wellonomics Assessment helps to highlight some of the areas which are relevant to you and through our Wellonomics App we can help you to explore your World of Wellonomics where we have world-class expertise and programmes to help you in every way possible.”


About Wellonomics.

Wellonomics is a one-stop wellbeing solution that provides its users with personalised wellbeing…

• Awareness. Employees access feedback and guidance based on their unique in the moment feelings and responses to the Wellonomics Assessment. Wellonomics recognises that each person and their wellbeing journey is different.

• Understanding. Wellonomics partners with leading experts in all areas of wellbeing to provide guidance and support to employees.

• Action. Employers have access to accurate data analytics and trends allowing them to take relevant wellbeing actions to enhance culture within the business and wellbeing for its employees. Employees have confidential access to a range of wellbeing solutions from leading experts.

For more information visit wellonomics.co.uk

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