Coach-led training all day, every day, with MZ-Instruct

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Monday, 9 May 2022

Wanting to provide a group exercise solution that suits your members schedules and provides a great workout whilst requiring little resource from your trainers? 

Newtown Athletic Club (NAC) are giving members the ultimate in flexibility and convenience with coach-led heart rate based training on offer every five minutes, thanks to MZ-Instruct.

Yes, you read it right, every five minutes. 

How? Well that’s easy. The lifestyle club in Bucks County, Pennsylvania has a dedicated studio, Six Zone, for its HIIT classes and plays instructional video content via MZ-Instruct in the studio all day, every day.

How it works: Self-guided workouts for confidence and convenience.

Starting every five minutes, the 35-minute heart rate based workouts lead members through five minutes of work in six zones using a variety of equipment. Each exercise combines short, high-intensity periods of work with recovery and has a target heart rate based on Myzone’s coloured zones.

The studio space features 12 digital screens; six of these are dedicated to MZ-Instruct to guide members through the exercise, including the rep count, with the remaining screens displaying members’ Myzone heart rate tiles.

“Before we relocated Six Zone to its own space, it took place only a few days a week and at certain times in the day. We love how MZ-Instruct has allowed us to transform our Six Zone programming into something that can be offered at all times,” says Casey Cordon, Studio Fitness Director at Newtown Athletic Club.

“With MZ-Instruct we’ve created a self-guided workout, so our members can access Six Zone whenever they want and they can feel confident doing the workout on their own. The screens, timers and music are always running so members can hop in every five minutes.”



Why it works: Flexibility and simplicity for members.

Members can join a session at any time of day, allowing the session to fit to their schedule. Not only is it a great workout experience, but they no longer have to decide on what their session should include; removing guesswork from their training and providing confidence and ease!

“Members don’t have to worry what they are going to do when they get to the gym that day, or any day. Our members love not having to think about a workout, because the screens guide them.”, says Casey.

During the busy periods, trainers are also on hand to add extra support; guiding members, correcting their form and adding that extra bit of friendly motivation.

“Our instructors coach the workout during high volume times. They use a wireless headset microphone for an added boost of energy, while providing form corrections and motivation.”

“The fact that MZ-Instruct has allowed us to offer this programme at all times of the day has been extremely beneficial for our members and a major selling point for our club. As long as the club is open, so is Six Zone.”


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