Beep Test: Every effort counts

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Tuesday, 21 February 2023

Understand true aerobic fitness with the globally acknowledged fitness test.  

Whether it’s for physical education in schools, creating healthy competition within sports teams or assessing the fitness of military staff, the beep test has been making the difference for trainers and coaches for years.

Every effort counts. Available in the Myzone app, the MZ-Beep Test includes both 15m and 20m measurements, providing the Myzone community with the global standard of physical ability understanding.

Why choose the MZ-Beep Test?

Offer your community a globally recognised assessment of aerobic power, a key metric of fitness. The beep test has stood the test of time throughout the specialism of physical activity and wellbeing.

The Myzone app showing how to take a beep test

Are you looking to set a baseline for a client and train them to beat their best? Or do you have a minimum requirement beep test level that you need members, colleagues or students to achieve?

This Myzone test can be implemented to understand and improve stamina and endurance over time.

What is the MZ-Beep Test?

MZ-Beep Test is a simple shuttle run assessment that’s used as a global standard for fitness testing, particularly in the military and public or private service sectors.

It’s a classic fitness staple that requires minimal equipment and takes less than 15 minutes to complete. Decide on a shuttle length – 15m or 20m – and set up two cones or markers at that distance apart.

Every time you hear a beep, run to the other end. When you can’t make the distance in time for two beeps in a row, the test is over. You will receive a score based on your performance. Find out more about how a beep test is scored.

Who is the MZ-Beep Test for?

For the fitness professional, trainer or coach, MZ-Beep Test can be implemented as a way of understanding a client, class or team’s current state of aerobic fitness, before working to improve it.

Alternatively, public and private sector fitness professionals can use the test to help new recruits or trainees pass any minimum requirements for physical activity.

For the individual, the beauty of the MZ-Beep Test is in its simplicity. Challenge yourself over time and see how long it takes you to improve your score.

This cardio test will improve your performance in any activity where cardio vascular fitness is essential.

This is the fitness test where every effort counts.

Download the Myzone app and discover what the MZ-Beep test can bring to your training.

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