GPS tracker and heart rate monitor combined: this is MZ-Maps

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Tuesday, 30 May 2023

With GPS following every turn and your heart rate monitor recording every beat, don’t just track your effort, map it.  

People are exercising more outside of the gym than ever, and many are uploading route maps from running and cycling.

Part of Myzone Premium, MZ-Maps is your effort map overlay, anywhere you move. Using your heart rate monitor and smartphone together, it’s time to ditch the dull data and level the playing field, uploading your effort instead.

When you use MZ-Maps, you’ll not only see when you hit each heart rate zone, but each zone will show up on your route, wherever you choose to be active.

Why use MZ-Maps?

As a gym operator, you can now meet your community, wherever your members want to work out.

Our perception of effort changes on a daily basis. Using MZ-Maps in the Myzone app, physical activity will not only be rewarded, but you can see exactly how someone’s body reacted to every move, everywhere.

With MZ-Maps you can better connect with anyone outside of the gym.

What is MZ-Maps?

For individuals, using the phone’s GPS data and Mapbox integration, MZ-Maps is a heart rate zone-based overlay, covering your route any time you’re on the move. Each Myzone effort colour will be overlayed on any route, with the option to have the move summary in 2D or 3D.

Myzone app showing GPS route and heart rate monitor data together on a smartphone

Some people don’t like sharing their pace metrics, and now you can level the playing field for everyone on the move.

Unlike split times or GPS data alone, mapping out individual effort on the route shows you precisely where different terrain, conditions or effort output affects heart rate.

Who is MZ-Maps for?

For the fitness professional, trainer or coach, get a new level of visibility from every member of your community.

Help with their training both in and out of the gym. Guide anyone on a run, cycle, row or stroll. Set zone goals point-to-point that your members and clients can take on at their leisure; then train them in the gym to improve their performance over time.

For the individual, imagine a hill that you’ve found challenging, either running or walking. Train over time and watch as you drop from red zone to yellow zone, or yellow to green, each time you hit it on your course.

Add a new dimension of understanding to every effort.

Your route. Your effort. Your reward.

MZ-Maps is part of Myzone Premium, the complete tech package for community experiences in and out of the gym, including MZ-Club, MZ-Together, and MZ-On Demand.

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