Gym classes whenever you want to work out, with MZ-On Demand

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Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Fitness and wellbeing just got even more accessible with MZ-On Demand: over 1300 classes, available any time, anywhere.  

Keeping on top of class planning can be a nightmare when you’re busy. Now all you or your members need is a heart rate monitor and the Myzone app to get moving, in the gym, at home or outside.

Whether you’re a fitness professional looking to update the timetable or a gym class participant finding the perfect schedule slot to squeeze in a workout, sometimes things just don’t add up.

Part of Myzone Premium, MZ-On Demand offers over 1300 classes for you and your community to take on whenever is most convenient, in or out of the gym.

Why choose MZ-On Demand?

MZ-On Demand means you can offer your whole community access to a vastly-expanded library of fitness classes and wellbeing sessions through the Myzone app.

On demand fitness yoga class list displayed in the Myzone app

In addition to any live classes that you currently run, either in-facility or live online, MZ-On Demand will enable members to take on whatever workout they choose, at a time and place that suits them, while you get all the visibility of effort and activity even if it’s out of the gym.

What is MZ-On Demand?

With over 1300 classes that can be filtered by MEPs earned, duration, or required equipment, MZ-On Demand is a bolt-on resource of classes to boost member engagement and get more people moving with you.

Classes include Vinyasa flow yoga, functional core movements, strength training, HIIT sessions, full-body routines and core workouts, in addition to the live classes from Myzone and your own timetable.

Who is MZ-On Demand for?

For the fitness professional, trainer or coach, give members and clients more opportunities to put the effort in whenever and wherever they want to.

Include MZ-On Demand as value-add in your membership offering and be there for your community even when they’re away from you.

Why not create your own `at-home’ membership category and use MZ-On Demand as a revenue generator for you or revenue protector for members that are struggling to make it into your facility?

For the individual, work out when it works for you. From high intensity training to the holistic health benefits of yoga and mobility workouts, with MZ-On Demand you have access to 1300+ classes in your pocket, with no time restraints or schedule classes.

Make movement work for you, wherever you are. Effort on demand, anywhere.

MZ-On Demand is part of Myzone Premium, the complete tech package for community experiences in and out of the gym, including MZ-Club, MZ-Together, and MZ-Maps.

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