1VIGOR Case Study

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Friday, 30 March 2018

1VIGOR is a Studio Bootcamp in West Vale, Halifax offering 45 minute HIIT sessions that combine cardio and strength training. Each session is led by an instructor and hosts just 12 people to keep the experience personal. The classes are comprised of short intervals of bikes and weights in a nightclub-like setting with low lighting and pumping music. “Using Myzone was the best decision we made as a studio,” says founder Ross Greenwood.


“Starting a new business is tough, but Myzone was the best decision we made.”

I was very aware of Myzone and had done plenty of research before we signed up to the technology. I wanted Myzone to be part of the studio from day one, but we’re a very small studio and cash flow is tough when starting a new business. We had been open less than 12 months when we decided to implement Myzone; it was the best decision we ever made.2-WomanExercising

“Members have bought into Myzone more easily than we could have imagined.”

I knew Myzone would change the dynamics of the sessions if I could just get clients to buy into the technology. The belts seem expensive on face value, especially to clients who might not be aware of wearable tech. If you search for heart rate belts online, you’ll probably find one for less than £20, but the Myzone MZ3 is worth every penny; it’s just how you explain this to clients.

We decided to do a Myzone trial allowing any client to use a belt for free for two weeks. At the end of the trial they could hand the belt back if they didn’t like it. This was covered by Myzone. At the beginning and end of each session we educated clients about Max HR, Myzone training zones, HR recovery, MEPs and the key point: we explained that it’s about effort not level of fitness.

Myzone was a huge hit, everyone loved it and we now have around 60 members with their own belts.


“Our aim was to increase effort and engagement; it’s definitely done that.”

When the Myzone trial was coming to the end, I decided to offer a free MZ3 for members who signed up to a 12 month contract - everyone signed up. We now offer a free MZ3 with all 12 month contracts because we understand the benefits that come with clients owning their own belt. Myzone not only improves retention, it also offers huge benefits for our clients; they get more out of the sessions, which means they get better results more quickly. If a client has hit the red zone, they want to hit it again and stay in that zone for longer, which means the instructors can concentrate on other aspects of the session aside from motivation. Myzone also keeps clients accountable for their training. The Myzone Effort Points and status ranking means clients don’t want to miss sessions and it keeps them consistent, and we all know consistency is key when it comes to fitness.


“Myzone has created an amazing community, which we didn’t expect.”

Joining a new fitness studio can be very daunting for a lot of people. They find gyms intimidating and just walking through the door can take a huge amount of effort. That’s everything I don’t want with 1VIGOR. I want it to be a friendly place, where new people are encouraged and feel comfortable from the start.

What I didn’t foresee was the effect Myzone would have on building a community among our members. Through the Myzone App, our clients can connect with one another; it’s like a private social fitness network just for 1VIGOR. I regularly ask clients to check their App for new Myzone users and encourage them to add each other. Once connected, clients can view other clients’ workouts and ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on these workouts. Something as simple as getting a ‘like’ from someone on your workout, means the next time you see that person in the studio you feel comfortable saying hello and starting a conversation. Before you know it we have an amazing community with a very warm and friendly feel. There is also the MZ Chat within the App. We add all members into the chat and like any other group chat it’s full of banter.

For more information on 1VIGOR, visit www.1vigor.co.uk

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