Clifton Revolution Case Study

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Friday, 4 May 2018

Clifton Revolution is a standalone cycling studio in Bristol. The studio uses Myzone to design ride profiles based on cycling routes, HIIT, and endurance sessions. The majority of instructors are keen cyclists so riders experience a lot of climbs, sprint sets, and time trials. Launched in April 2017, the studio currently has more than 800 registrants.

Clifton Cycle Man

“The joy of using Myzone is that all users can train together.”

We have a wide range of members varying from young professionals to retirees. Each person’s goals are unique from weight loss and cardio vascular improvement to training for an event. The joy of using Myzone is that all users can train together but have very individual goals.

“Riders can use Myzone for all their training outside of the studio.”

Riders can either buy their own Myzone belt, or if they purchase a bundle of 10 rides, the Myzone belt is included. The technology gives our customers real time accurate information for a personalized workout in a group training environment. It’s also great that they can use it for all of their other training outside of the studio.

Clifton MYZ board

“80% of our riders use Myzone.”

We’ve found it fairly easy to get riders to buy into Myzone, because it’s always been part of the class experience. We have more than 800 registrants and 75-80% of our riders use Myzone. They use the app on their phone or the big screen in the studio – members are easily connected and some have set up private training groups.

“Our first Myzone challenge created a great buzz in the studio.”

We’ve only run one Myzone challenge so far: the aim was to earn the highest number of MEPs in a month with a prize for the winner. Everyone could join in and it created a great buzz in the studio. We aim to run another challenge soon. 

Clifton Cycle Group

“Thanks to Myzone, our customers became more committed to the studio”

Once customers invest in Myzone, they become more committed to the studio. I’d advise other operators to invest in Myzone; it’s a great bit of kit and really focuses users on improving their training and fitness.

If you'd like to explore what Myzone can bring to your community, get in touch with us here.
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