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Friday, 1 January 2021

Testing the strength, stamina and endurance of some of the best athletes around the world, this event is an incredible example of physical activity and mental fitness combined.

Myzone has proudly partnered with HYROX for the World Championships of Fitness Elite 12 – a competition to challenge the fittest and fastest, featuring World Record holder Sarah Kholti, CrossFit Games Champion Sam Briggs, HYROX World Champion Lukas Storath and World Record holder Hunter McIntyre.

Hyrox Championships of fitness women

Taking place in Hamberg, Germany, the birthplace of HYROX, the workout included sled pushes and pulls, burpees and bodyweight exercises, kettlebell carries, the SkiErg, rowing, and sandbag lunges, all alternating with 1000m of running.

Find out what it takes to become a World Champion.

Watch the workout video.

What's in the workout?

1000m Run

1000m SkiErg

1000m Run

50m Sled push (Men 175kg, Women 125kg)

1000m Run

50m Sled pull (Men 125kg, Women 75kg)

1000m Run

80m Burpee broad jumps

1000m Run

1000m Row

1000m Run

200m Kettlebell farmer's carry (Men 32kg, Women 24kg)

1000m Run

11m Sandbag lunges (Men 30kg, Women 20kg)

1000m Run

100 Wall balls (Men 9kg, Women 6kg)


HYROX Championships of Fitness athletes


The HYROX athletes.

Rebecca Naether (Hamburg, Germany)

Linda Meier (Düsseldorf, Germany)

Lauren Weeks (Las Vegas, USA)

Viola Oberländer (Munich, Germany)

Sam Briggs (Leeds, UK)

Sarah Kholti (Stuttgart, Germany)


Lukas Storath (Würzburg, Germany)

Markus Frison (Saarbrücken, Germany)

Tobias Lautwein (Olpe, Germany)

Hunter McIntyre (Malibu, USA)

Tim Schröder (Carlsfeld, Germany)

Adam Klink (Chesapeake, USA)


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