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Wednesday, 31 May 2023

Host and broadcast gym, fitness and wellbeing classes to the world or work out anywhere, with new experiences through three elements of Myzone Premium: MZ-Club, MZ-Together, and MZ-On Demand.

Offering more people more ways to get physically active, the three Myzone Premium additions enable gyms, schools, corporate, military and other physical activity facilities to access the perfect solution in meeting their community needs.

In the gym, outdoors or at home, Premium brings the Myzone ecosystem and live heart rate tile direct to where any individual wishes to move.

What's included in the Myzone Premium packages?

MZ-Club enables facilities to broadcast their own live and pre-recorded content using the Myzone booking diary. In addition, trainers and staff can also upload pre-recorded content to the MZ-On Demand section of the app.

Community members get to work out with their familiar trainers, class disciplines and visual environment, wherever they want to move.


MZ-Together gives any community the opportunity to take part in Myzone live classes, such as Cardio Club, hosted by Myzone master trainers with a global network.
Community members get access to classes coached by heart rate zone with an engaged community of other Myzone movers.

MZ-On Demand unlocks over 1300 classes that can be filtered by MEPs, duration, or required equipment. This bolt-on resource of classes is perfect to boost any gym’s current class timetable.

Community members can earn MEPs any time, choosing through a vast range of classes to suit any of their fitness needs, any time and anywhere.

With any combination of the above, MZ-Maps is also included. Maps is a new feature where individuals will not only see when they hit each heart rate zone, but each zone will show up along their route. Don’t just track your effort, map it.

Scale your gym class experience

“This is a huge opportunity for gym communities to scale their class experience and get more people moving in new ways,” explains Dave Wright, CEO of Myzone.

“That consistent experience, tied in with the benefits of meeting World Health Organization guidelines for physical activity is set to be a game changer in enabling more people to work out wherever they want, all while still staying connected to their gym or fitness facility.

“Over lockdowns around the world, we invested a significant amount of money to keep communities moving and accountable to their journey of physical activity.

"Our research shows that gym members using Myzone stay at least 24% longer than those that don’t use Myzone. As a commitment to positive behaviour change, the development of these new Premium features enable gym operators, personal trainers, and other professionals to keep more people moving, more often, anywhere."

Developing a new evolution of fitness classes for the future

Following community feedback and ongoing software improvements, Myzone is committed to listening to its network of partners. This includes everything from providing for gyms, schools, corporate, military, sports teams and other physical activity facilities, to the individuals using each heart rate monitor for the best fitness and wellbeing journey that lasts.

“It’s been an exciting opportunity to learn from industry support packages through the pandemic, developing this new evolution of class experience for the future,” adds Leon Rudge, global head of product and CTO at Myzone.

“What’s more, in addition to the core Myzone Premium offering, MZ-Maps comes with every standalone or combination subscription because we’ve found that it’s such a key element of hybrid training.

“Being able to track effort in the club and then map effort out of it gives a whole new approach to gym engagement and community benefit that works in tandem to complement every exercise and drive positive behaviour change.

“Combined with the Myzone Fitness Test 2.0 and Beep Test, all available in the Myzone app, these Premium features provide a full-scale high value feature set to aid in creating physical activity habits that stick.”

For more information visit myzone.org/premium

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