3 simple ways to improve gym membership sales

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Thursday, 31 March 2022

You don’t need a long list to make big changes. Below you’ll find three ways to improve gym membership sales, with deeper dive insights and information how further education opportunities from every Myzone U seminar.

Whether it’s building a community or directly boosting the bottom line of a business, Myzone has the tools to aid in attracting new members, keeping them with you for longer, and making sure that physical activity stays fun to keep more people, more active, more often.


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Improve how your fitness experience is perceived by the masses.

It’s important to alleviate any intimidation around gym environments, even if you or your staff don’t believe that you’re operating in an intimidating space. You can never be welcoming enough for members of the community that may have a challenging relationship with physical activity.

One of the best ways of achieving this inclusivity is by educating people that they can work out alongside anyone and still match their effort levels with a golf-like handicap that includes everyone. Myzone does this using MEPs and heart rate zones.

“We want people to be coached and not thrashed,” explains Rachel Young, director of business development EMEA at Myzone. “We’ve levelled the playing field by rewarding people for their own individual effort.

“My favourite analogy for this is that we make exercise inclusive. This means that my mum could train next to a pro athlete; both of them could be asked to get into the blue zone or the green zone, and they’re rewarded for their own effort in getting there.

“The zone is the zone. The percentage is the percentage. We’re treating people like individuals and making it fully inclusive. Nothing feels as good as when everybody’s in that zone, with no care about what they look like, what they’re wearing or how ‘fit’ they are – it’s all about the effort.”


Boost your business’ bottom line by the numbers.

If the sales model isn’t looking after itself when it comes to member retention, you’ll never have headspace to implement these education points when it comes to improving new membership sales for the future.

One way to tackle both goals head-on is by building an engaged community that can motivate each other, in addition to the support you bring.

Myzone aids any fitness professional in building a community by giving any member a social platform to make new friends, see how they’re working out, share their own exercise sessions and grow as a group.

Not only does this give you access for feedback and insights, but the Myzone app means you can also set up regular challenges or encourage people on hitting their MEPs target, or achieving a new status, from anywhere.

When your newly expanded community is engaged enough to be looking after itself, it gives you as a fitness professional so much more opportunity to grow the business and provide even more value for members in the years to come.


Deployment strategies that make the difference.

How many seminars and webinars have you attended, making countless notes of great ideas before getting back to the normal work day and not being able to actually implement them?

When you stumble upon learning initiatives online it’s easy to get lost in the “what to do” insights and opportunities without touching on the “how to do it.” Whether it’s staff or member onboarding, educating the current team, strategy recommendations or the physical installation of a new initiative, we all need actionable advice.

The education sessions in Myzone U makes for a thorough understanding of the four Es. These are: how to create your best environment, how the ethos of heart rate training will serve both your members and your business, what strategies improve your club experience, and what leads to the best engagement in any community.


But what about the return on investment for your technology purchase?

Return on investment is always a sticking point when it comes to bringing in new technology, as the onboarding process for some platforms can be laborious and time-consuming. Myzone overcomes these challenges by offering every operator a wealth of resource and support both during installation and throughout our journey together.

The biggest benefits that we’ve seen for operators have come when Myzone is embedded into the user journey from the point of sale, bringing with it the best value for the member and enhancing their experience with any gym over a longer duration.

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