Luke De-Benedictis on Spartan, community training and success in sport

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Tuesday, 8 November 2022

Meet Luke De-Benedictis, an all-round athlete who competes in obstacle course racing, trail running, triathlons and functional fitness events.

For years, Luke has been achieving event podiums and driving growth as a strong promotor of physical activity through his work both on and off the OCR circuit. So let’s get to know this Team Myzone member a little better.

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Spartan Atlas stone carry


What got you started on your fitness journey?

I’ve pretty much been in to sport and fitness since my very early years at school, from cross country to football and this just progressed as I got older. In my late 20s was when I got fairly competitive in the world of OCR.


What achievements are you most proud of?

Currently I have 20 Spartan Race podiums and two Elite Series podiums to my name since I entered the Elite field. I’m fairly proud to have started in the open wave to then go on and achieve some success in the sport.


Spartan Tyrolean Traverse


What’s the most important piece of advice you have received?

Keep going!


What advice would you give someone just starting their fitness journey?

This is linked to the advice I got, everything takes time so if you keep trying and learning you’ll improve in one way or another.




How can gyms and fitness professionals get more people moving in their community?

I feel that the fitness communities really come together when they have a goal like attending an event as a team or training towards a race. It’s always great to see loads of people from a gym at events supporting each other.


What is your favourite way to train?

I’d say outside on the trails, running or biking is really my favourite.


What do you find most challenging?

Running at big elevation. Heading to Europe, most races are in the big mountains and it’s a struggle after a lot of flat land running!


Is there anything you would do differently from your experience in fitness and physical activity?

I’d do more stretching and mobility work earlier in life, as when you get older is much harder!


Monkey bars and reaching for the Spartan bell


How can people follow your progress?

I’m on all socials via @lukedeben.


Is there anyone you’d like to shout out? Do you have anything else to add?

Yes! Big shout out to Myzone for their support, not only is their HR gear epic but the people behind the brand are amazing, too!

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