8 January fitness pitfalls and how to avoid them

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Tuesday, 9 January 2024

January in the gym is a tricky one. Motivation is on a massive high, but it can wane quickly into the early months of the new year.

New gym members are excited to learn, while regulars can get frustrated with the increase in demand for their favourite gym equipment.

For both elite athletes, or anyone just getting started with a beginner gym routine, we can all suffer the same post-holiday slump. Here’s how to avoid the January fitness pitfalls.

It’s hard to keep a consistent workout plan

Inconsistent workout routines are the kryptonite to creating a habit. Many people start January with high energy but fail to maintain a regular workout schedule, leading to loss of motivation and progress.

Use an effective training app not only tracks and rewards your effort, but helps you and your community hold each other accountable. This ensures everyone shares the journey of continued progress, workout motivation, and achievement for the long term.

You’re surrounded by unrealistic fitness goals

Unrealistic expectations through following unqualified Instagram influencers or simply being impatient with where you want to be is a sure-fire way of not getting anywhere near your target.

While setting goals that are too ambitious leads to disappointment and demotivation, planning smaller wins along the way soon stack up to make a big difference over time.

Stick to earning 1300 MEPs – equal to the World Health Organization’s guidelines for physical activity – and you’re ready for all the good things that come with positive behaviour change.

Myzone heart rate monitor in gym

Injury through overtraining is unavoidable

Overtraining and injury can fast become the result from enthusiasm and a willingness to move more. We’ve all been excited about getting back to peak condition in the early months of the year, only to face a twinge or accident that can set back fitness goals.

One of the many reasons to start heart rate training, it not only ensures that you know when you need to give more effort during a workout, but it will also educate you when you’re pushing too hard. Factor in recovery workouts in the blue zone, or mobility work to ensure you’re looking after your body, and you’ll be able to move for longer.

There isn’t enough proper guidance available

There’s no substitute for professional fitness coaching, as personal trainer benefits far outweigh guesswork and YouTube videos.

However, having a personal trainer in your pocket with the Myzone app means that you can stick to your individual heart rate training regime, with real-time feedback every time you move.

Without proper guidance, people often follow ineffective or harmful workout regimes. Listen to your body and you’ll know what you need.

You haven’t been tracking your fitness and monitoring your progress

Failing to track progress leaves you left in the dark in the long-term. There will be days when you’re not feeling it, and times when you let things slip.

Conversely, you’ll progress over time and achieve your goals so long as you stick to a plan. This is where a heart rate monitor and the right encouraging community for you really come into play.

Woman smiling wearing Myzone heart rate monitor

The important thing is that tracking your effort and rising the ranks of Myzone status levels is an incredible way to keep demotivation a thing of the past.

You’re ignoring your mental wellbeing

Mental health in fitness is something that is gathering momentum but still has a long way to go. Stop comparing yourself to others and find your own holistic fitness approach.

Use tech tools that reward your effort based on your metrics alone – not anyone else's – and be sure to embrace rest days.

Focusing solely on physical aspects while neglecting mental health can affect overall motivation and commitment.

Financial constraints put you off commitment

The cost of gym memberships or equipment can be a barrier to gainsville. However, there are plenty of affordable gym memberships available with a little search.

While buying a heart rate monitor is a spend, it’s an investment that will keep you active, energised, and enthused with exercise, wherever you choose to move.

There’s no support system for you

Often, it’s a case of knowing where to look when in search of fitness communities and workout groups. Lack of support from family, friends, or a fitness community, can all decrease motivation.

However, adding friends through the Myzone app or Myzone Users Group on Facebook is an easy way to e-meet new people, comment on each other’s workouts, and keep moving together for longer.

By addressing and overcoming these common pitfalls, your new year fitness and wellness plan will lead you on a path to health and happiness for the months ahead.

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