Try Out a Few New Forms of Cardio

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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Last post, we discussed the popularly held dislike for cardio, even among those in the fitness community. This post, we’re going to take a look at a few different forms of cardio that you can use with your MYZONE exercise tracker that offer variety, energy, and fun, on top of the cardiovascular benefits that cardio has to offer. If you’re looking for ways to add to or change up your current cardio (or lack of cardio) routine, take a look through some of our favorite cardio options below.


The treadmill offers a stationary, but diverse set of cardio options. You can easily increase the cardio intensity by increasing the incline and speed. Simulate an uphill walk or run to work multiple muscle groups, or even turn around and walk backwards to fire up your glutes and sculpt your buns and thighs.

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Interval training

Interval training give both variety, calorie burn, and great cardiorespiratory benefits. Alternating between intense spurts of exercise and periods of less intense exercise, interval training can combine anaerobic and aerobic exercises into one.

Trail Run

Trail running take running to a whole new level. The uneven, winding terrain of outdoor trails works multiple muscle groups and works your core as your work to increase your stability. Tail running gets you out into fresh air and lets you take in the scenery which may help to distract you enough to increase your running time beyond what you might commit to on a less picturesque indoor track.



Jump rope using MYZONE exercise tracker

Jump rope

If you’re looking for a fast and effective way to burn fat, jump rope should be a part of your cardio routine. Not only does vigorous jump roping work your heart and lungs but it also tones your legs and lower body. It has been studied that just 10 minutes of rigorous jump roping can burn as many calories as jogging at an eight minute per mile pace. Track your heart rate with MYZONE's MZ-3 exercise tracker belt.

Beach run

Running on sand is a great way to switch up your running routine. As the sand is pliable and makes you push off more with each step, it strengthens your feet and ankles more than running on a treadmill or pavement. It has been calculated that running on soft sands forces your body to expend 2x the amount of energy with each step, that means your legs, feet, core, heart, and lungs are all getting a more intense workout that pavement is able to offer.

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Cross-training offers an intense full-body workout that will tone you up and increase your endurance at the same time. Improved performance, more defined muscles, and increased strength gains can be expected from those who take cross-training seriously. Drawing from multiple fitness disciplines, cross-training will increase your self-awareness and will even help to prevent future injury.

Circuit training

Torch calories, burn away fat, and get your blood circulating with a solid circuit training session. Often combining strength training with cardio, circuit training will sculpt your muscles and earn you MEPs like almost nothing else.

Which form of cardio do you think you would benefit from trying? Take time to read through and research your options so you land on one that you think you may enjoy and make sure to use your MYZONE exercise tracker during your cardio workout to stay on top of your heart rate. Do you plan on switching up your current routine to give your heart and lungs a better workout? Show us what changes you make by tagging your photos on social media using #effortrewarded and #myzonemoves. We would love to encourage you as you work to build up your love for cardio!

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